SLAVE LAKE, Alta. - A Mountie in northern Alberta has received a Medal of Honour from the Town of Slave Lake for his work during the wildfires that devastated the community in May 2011.

Sgt. Rodney Klenk, who is currently with the Fort Chipewyan detachment, was posted to the Slave Lake traffic unit at the time.

The RCMP say Klenk worked non-stop in monitoring and evacuating residents of the town, all the while his own family and personal property was in the same jeopardy.

Even after the evacuation, Klenk continued to work for two more days "with little rest, food or potable water."

RCMP Insp. Ron Makar says Klenk deserves the recognition "for his dedication to ensuring public safety."

One-third of the town was destroyed in the fire.

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