TORONTO - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been ordered out of office after being found guilty of breaking conflict of interest rules, but he's not the only Canadian mayor running into trouble:

— Gerald Tremblay: The mayor of Montreal resigned from office on Nov. 5 after his name surfaced during a public probe into corruption in the city's construction industry. Tremblay was accused of turning a blind eye to illicit campaign financing of his political party. Tremblay denied the allegations, but said he was stepping down for the good of the city.

— Gilles Vaillancourt: The former mayor of Laval held office for 23 years and was often referred to as "the monarch," but he resigned on Nov. 9 after the province's anti-corruption unit staged many raids in the city, including at his own home. Vaillancourt was accused of pocketing kickbacks on construction contracts, allegations he has denied.

— Joe Fontana: The mayor of London, Ont. is facing a non-confidence motion by his finance and administration committee after being hit with three criminal allegations. Police charged Fontana with fraud under $5,000, breach of trust by a public official and uttering forged documents on Nov. 21. The mayor has denied the allegations and has vowed to fight to clear his name.

— Sam Katz: The mayor of Winnipeg is facing a court date next April after a citizen accused him of conflict of interest. Katz has been accused of holding a taxpayer-funded holiday party at a restaurant he owns. If found guilty, Katz could lose his position as mayor.

— Hazel McCallion: The longtime mayor of the Mississauga, Ont., was found guilty of conflict of interest in 1982 when she voted on a land purchase issue that could have benefited her directly. She was not removed from office, however, because court ruled she had made an error in judgment. In October 2011, a judge found she violated the spirit of the conflict of interest code when she promoted a real estate deal that would have benefited her son. She is now facing a court application from a local citizen who alleges McCallion introduced and backed a motion concerning her son's real estate firm.

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  • Stephen Taylor

    Sorry this #fordcourt verdict is taking so long. The judge was coaching football this morning and will get around to it soon.

  • Crissstina♡ ‏

    Rob Ford got kicked out of mayors office? WOWWWWW!! Hes hopping on that gravy train right back home.

  • dubstep rash

    rip rob ford. stung by a hoard of vicious gravy wasps.

  • Liz Russell

    Now I await all Rob Ford memes. #topoli #comeatmebro

  • Justen Bennett

    Oh, my. Rob Ford has been removed from his office as mayor. Toronto politics just got rather interesting.

  • urbandreamer

    Rob Ford needs new business cards asap!

  • David Paterson

    Terrifying thought: Governor of the Bank of Canada job is open. Rob Ford is looking for a job. ARRGGHHH! #Cdnpoli

  • The Globe and Mail

    BREAKING: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford found guilty of violating conflict of interest act, removed from office #topoli

  • John Lorinc

    #topoli Imagine if #toronto invested as much time and attention to transit financing as we spend distracted by @TOMayorFord latest antics.

  • wojtek arciszewski

    Its a sad day for hard working comedians throughout Toronto. It appears Rob Ford's been booted from office (pending appeal) #RobFord #TOpoli

  • Kevin Stewart

    No more coach/mayor Ford! #topoli

  • Gregory Pike

    How does it work in TO when a mayor finishes early? Is there a bielection or will the deputy step up as acting mayor? #fordcourt #TOpoli

  • Margaret Evans

    Very exciting day in Toronto- and it has nothing to do with football. Let's fix this and make sure it never happens again. #TOpoli

  • Chris Thomas

    Hey #Toronto, #RobFord might be out of office now so get yourselves educated about the issues and make informed choices. #topoli #onpoli

  • Anna Gustafson

    Who's going to drive the gravy train in the parade :(. #TOpoli #RobFord

  • Mike O'Shaughnessy

    Watching the Rob Ford circus is more fun, but Carney leaving Canada for England is bigger and more important news #topoli

  • Robert Fulton

    Oh boy - we're gonna see Jabba the Mayor kick it into serious victim mode now! #RobFord #TOpoli

  • Jam Michael McDonald

    Also, Rob Ford is trending worldwide. (Let's hope just this once and never again.) #TOpoli

  • Matthew Higgins

    If Rob Ford and Dalton McGuinty just traded positions, Toronto would have subways all over the place. #topoli #onpoli

  • Gen Chenier

    I wonder if Rob Ford will appeal the decision or leave quietly with his last shred of dignity. #TOpoli

  • Barry

    On the otherhand Doug Holyday will make an excellent Interim Mayor for #toronto #topoli #tocouncil

  • Alex Naylor

    Let's hope Ford can and does run again soon. Then Toronto can turf his partisan, ignorant ass in the most clearly democratic manner. #TOPoli

  • Johnny Audio

    Have You Driven a Ford (out of office) Lately? #topoli #fordcourt