Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's removal from office due to a conflict of interest has his critics on Twitter hankering for some gravy.

During the 2010 municipal election, Ford promised to halt Toronto's "gravy train," referring to what he deemed wasteful spending at city hall. His time in office became synonymous with the phrase. His team even created a T-shirt to drive the point home (The shirts cost $30).

Today the catchphrase caught up to Ford as some Torontonians rejoiced in the mayor's removal from office on Twitter.

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  • Sasha Kulesh

    RT @joshmcconnell: First thing Rob Ford will do as a regular citizen? Order extra gravy on his poutine out of spite. #Toronto #cdnpoli

  • Rose to the Rescue

    Guess #Ford ran out of gravy?

  • Jennifer White

    Rob Ford out. Gravy is BACK ON THE MENU TORONTO! Now, who's going to get poutine with me? Anyone?

  • Bryn Turnbull

    Ford's out of office. Gravy for all!!

  • kristy_anne_0

    Rob Ford out! The gravy train has been stopped #Toronto

  • Shannon

    Torontonians, it's a Monday to rejoice! The gravy train has made its final stop, and it ain't in Toronto! Good riddance Ford. #RobFord

  • Robert Looije

    Ford kicked out of office, gravy train stopped and it only cost $3,150

  • BiteTV

    RT @tdjrivas: Rob Ford literally ate the whole gravy train. #TOpoli #FaveFordMoments #GravyTrain

  • Basil Godevenos

    RT @benjamin_samuel: As the Gravy Train pulls out of the station, we all bid Rob Ford a fond farewell. #topoli

  • Rob Severin

    Won't someone think of the gravy? All that precious gravy! "Full text of decision - Rob Ford conflict of interest case"

  • Beth Lawless

    RT @PlainSJ: Rob Ford has been ousted as Mayor of Toronto. I hereby declare Nov. 26th "National Poutine Day" (in honour of the gravy train). #CHEWCHEW

  • Eftyhia Lucas

    Glorious news to wake up to! Don't let the gravy train door hit you on way out RT @CBCToronto Rob #Ford ousted in conflict of interest case.

  • Travis Ryans

    RT @darrenmsharp: I want to spend the day in Toronto cycling throughout the entire city while I pour gravy on the streets and laugh maniacally. #Ford

  • Kate Negin

    But with Ford gone, who is going to take care of the gravy train?

  • Lisa Leung

    #Mayor Ford found guilty. Gravy train stops here.