EDMONTON - Alberta's opposition Wildrose party has put out an old Wild West-style wanted poster on Premier Alison Redford.

The Wildrose says they want to call attention to the fact Redford's frequent absences during question period show disrespect to Albertans who deserve answers to the questions of the day.

Redford has missed about half the legislature question periods since the spring because of out-of-town meetings or other functions.

Deputy Premier Thomas Lukaszuk has become the go-to person in the legislature, answering questions on Redford's behalf, sometimes while she is sitting beside him in the house.

Lukaszuk says Redford is using her time wisely, drumming up contacts and business to keep the province prosperous.

NDP Leader Brian Mason says Redford has answered two of the last 17 questions put to her in the house, adding that Redford refuses to be accountable.

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