11/29/2012 11:34 EST | Updated 01/29/2013 05:12 EST

Seal Satellite Tracking: Vancouver Aquarium Keeps Rescued Pups Close


The Vancouver Aquarium has launched a new tool that allows you to track rehabilitated (and ridiculously cute) seal pups released back into the wild.

Rescued and rehabilitated seals are fitted with satellite tracking devices on the top of their heads. After they're released back into the wild, their movements recorded and transmitted to scientists on shore.

"This is very exciting for us," said Lindsaye Akurst, manager of the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre on Thursday in a news release. "We're learning a lot about how well the seals do after rehabilitation and how well they adapt to their natural environment after being in human care."

Akurst and her team have every reason to be excited. According to data they've collected over 47 days, their rehabilitated seals were diving at deep sea levels consisted with normal foraging behaviour.

One adventurous seal even logged in a distance of over 1,300 km since it was released off B.C's Sunshine Coast over a month ago.

"The seals are thriving in the wild, which is very encouraging," Akurst said.

You can follow the seals' daily movements on this website.

LOOK: Photos of the Vancouver Aquarium's seal satellite tracking program:

Seal Satellite Tracking