The mayor of West Vancouver says the centre lane of Lions Gate Bridge should be shut down late at night into the early morning hours.

Last week, two men in their 20s died when their car spun out of control and hit an oncoming West Vancouver transit bus.

West Vancouver Mayor Michael Smith says the accident raises questions over the safety of the bridge.

"It seems only logical to me that if in fact late at night the volume of traffic does not require the middle lane, then it should be closed," Smith said.

"Obviously if it's open and traffic is light, some people feel the necessity to come speeding down that middle lane and — as we saw with the tragedy that happened — with very unfortunate consequences."

Smith says the decision is up to the provincial government but he will make the recommendation if he's consulted.

The Lions Gate Bridge, which links the North Shore and the City of Vancouver, has three lanes — one in each direction and an alternating middle lane.

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