As far as Christmas tree decor themes go these days, the sky is the limit.

Where the decision was once silver or gold, holiday merrymakers can now ask themselves, Stars Wars or Jersey Shore?

If washboard abs and hair poufs aren't your thing, you can also display your Canadian pride on your holiday boughs (while supporting Canadian crafters to boot).

We've scoured the merrier parts of the web and found these 12 Great White North-inspired ornaments to gift to your fellow Canucks or add to your own Canadian Christmas tradition.

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  • O Canada Mini Sweater

    Like a miniature version of the ones Grandma used to give you on Christmas morning. <a href="">$13.26 on Etsy from makingcents</a>

  • HBC Stripes Santa

    Santa is all ready to deliver presents to little Canucks in an iconic Canadian Hudson's Bay Company striped coat. <a href="">$19.99 from The Bay</a>

  • Newfoundland Mummers

    If you're a mainlander, you may have never seen a good ol' <a href="">Newfoundland mummering</a>. Around Christmastime, friends and family dress in disguises and go house to house hoping to be let in for some holiday drinks and treats in exchange for singing, dancing and general entertainment. The host is supposed to guess who's beneath the masks. <a href="">Set of 3 mummers, $64.99 from Shop Downhome</a>

  • Canada Dry Stars

    A little kitschy, totally Canadian and with a green touch to boot. These stars are made from recycled Canada Dry ginger ale cans. There's even a pattern if you'd like to make your own. <a href="">$12.24 on Etsy from LizardSkins</a>

  • Timmies Cup

    This tiny Tim Horton's cup is handmade from clay with a coffee bean charm. <a href="">$13.21 on Etsy from JegasCreations</a>

  • Tim Horton's Holiday Ornaments

    Or go straight to the source for Tim Horton's 2012 holiday ornaments. This year you can pick up a miniature storefront or tobogganing Timbit at participating restaurants.

  • Justin Bieber Ornament

    Say what you want about the kid, he's one of our most famous exports. <a href="">$15 from Bieber's official store</a>

  • Inukshuk Ornament

    Painted ball ornament from Yellowknife artist Dawn Oman. <a href="">$28 from Three Sisters Native Art and Gift Gallery</a>

  • Montreal Canadiens Metal Holiday Ornament

    This may be a controversial one given the lockout situation, but hockey fans can show their team spirit with a ornament for their favourite team. <a href="">$24.99 from the official NHL store</a>

  • Canadian Curling Rock

    <a href="">$12.99 from Just Christmas in Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario</a>

  • You Might Be From Canada If...

    According to this bulb, you may be from Canada if "You find -20C a "little chilly/" Perhaps ironically, this ornament was made exclusively for an Michigan Christmas superstore in Bronner's, which calls itself the world's biggest Christmas store. <a href="">$7.99 from Bronner's Christmas Wonderland</a>

  • Flag Rider Ornament

    <a href="">$13.99 from The Mountie Shop</a>

  • Métis Sash Ornament

    These ornaments are filled with the traditional colours of Métis sashes, according Etsy shop owner and Edmonton-dweller Alicia Hibbert. <a href="">$15 for a set of four on Etsy from Reframed </a>