Winter and dating don't always go hand in hand in a cool city like Calgary. But that doesn't mean one can't get creative.

Reddit user gooberoo faced a dilemma other Calgarians also face at times. "I have all day on Saturday to spend with my girlfriend, but I have no idea what to do," he said.

Helpful users swarmed the page with suggestions, both for outdoor lovers and indoor adventure to perfect corners to cozy up in.

Here's a look at the top winter date ideas in Calgary. What are you favourites? Have any to add to the list? Tell us on Twitter @HuffPostAlberta or in the comments below.

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  • Lloyds Roller Rink

    Suggestion by rshillin - Reddit

  • Sleigh Rides

    "There's a place doing sleigh rides -- $100 for 30mins with up to 20 people (or just you and the gf). Or you can ride with strangers for cheap. <a href=""></a>," says Reddit user jhmed.

  • Stephen Ave

    "Dinner down town and then walk down Stephen Ave," suggests Reddit user rowshambow.

  • Walk through Nose Hill or the Glenmore Reservoir

    Suggestion by jelywa - Reddit

  • Devonian Gardens

    Suggestion by mcfg - Reddit

  • Sulphur Mountain Gondola

    Suggestion by UselessWidget - Reddit

  • Laser Tag on MacLeod Trail

    Suggestion by flagwhaletop - Reddit

  • The Glenbow Museum

    Suggestion by mfenniak - Reddit

  • Ice Skating At The Olympic Plaza Or The Oval

    Reddit users epic_feel_time and ostie debate which is better.

  • Spark Science Centre

    Suggestion by whiteboypolka - Reddit

  • Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

    Suggestion by JayCrisis - Reddit

  • Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

    Suggestion by lilgoodie2shoes - Reddit

  • Cross Roads Farmers Market

    People watch at Cross Roads Farmers Market. Plus it is the only place in Calgary you can get vegetables, sausages, stripper heels, comic books, and a snake all in one visit. Best place to buy cheese as well," said Reddit user rawmeatdisco.

  • Archery

    "Jim Bow's archery in the NE and Calgary Archery Center in the SE are both really good," said user mmcelhinney on Reddit.

  • Market Collective

    <a href="">Market Collective!! </a> Suggestion by Stanchion_Excelsior - Reddit

  • Gun Range

    Suggestion by mfenniak - Reddit

  • Rock Climbing

    Suggestion by mfenniak - Reddit

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