OK, OK, we know that due to contractual obligations, most of these people couldn't realistically become the host of "The Amazing Race Canada." In fact, we're willing to bet that it'll be Ben Mulroney who gets the gig. But hey, it's fun to imagine, isn't it?

We've amassed a list of 23 Canadians who we think would do a good job as host, for one reason or another. All we can hope is that he/she matches the greatness that is the US' Phil Keoghan.

Did we miss anyone? Let us know below. You can also vote for your favourite contender in the slideshow.

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  • Ben Mulroney

    He's our #1 pick. He has the chops, the experience, and he's known from coast-to-coast. Strap on your skates, Benny, you're going in.

  • George Stroumboulopoulos

    Strombo might be a bit too serious for this gig, but we can't forget his MuchMusic hosting background and his ability to communicate with any sort of person, whether it's a famous musician or a wingnut on "The Amazing Race Canada."

  • Jonathan Torrens

    Jon just recently co-hosted the Canadian iteration of "Wipeout." Even though it's not returning for a second season, we feel that he definitely brought the funny for the short period of time he was on-air.

  • Leah Miller

    Canada's pre-eminent pop culture hostess could definitely do the job, as proven by her stint as host of "So You Think You Can Dance Canada." Less crying for this job, though.

  • Mike 'Pinball' Clemons

    C'mon, this guy can lead a CFL team both on the field and off. Surely he can host a reality show.

  • Howie Mandel

    If Howie wasn't hosting his own new TV show, we think he'd have a chance on this one. A slim chance, but it would be possible. He has just the right blend of seriousness and humour.

  • Colin Mochrie

    Lovable Colin Mochrie would be a welcome face on the mat at the Pit Stops, wouldn't he?

  • Trish Stratus

    This wrestling starlet-turned-fitness-maven certainly has the physicality factor checked off. On second thought, maybe she should run the race herself!

  • Jon Montgomery

    We can just envision the winners of the race hoisting a big beer stein with Montgomery, toasting to victory.

  • Rick Campanelli

    Warm, bubbly and fun, Rick would be an appealing option for all age groups. He has a ton of experience hosting as well -- from MuchMusic to "ET Canada."

  • Rick Hansen

    He's sort of perfect for the role: worldly, respected and an over-comer of obstacles. Plus the whole winning personality thing.

  • Liza Fromer

    This Toronto TV personality has the street cred and affability to help "The Amazing Race Canada" shine.

  • Rick Mercer

    Iconic Canadian host? Check. Knowledge of Canada and Canadian locations? Check. Witty and sarcastic? Oh yes.

  • Ed The Sock

    All we're saying is that it would be funny. Poking fun at the contestants would add a whole new dimension to the show.

  • Daryn Jones

    Former MTV host and current CBC host Jones is funny and charismatic, and he has that whole "host" look going on. We just aren't sure if he'll be able to tone down the schticky comedy for an hour-long gig.

  • Nam Kiwanuka

    'Memba Nam? She was a host on MuchMusic for a while, and then left to pursue her dreams as a journalist -- born in Uganda and quite the traveller, her worldliness would come in handy as host.

  • Frankie Flowers

    Toronto's beloved weatherman on Citytv, Frankie Flowers has that everyman quality that makes him right for the job.

  • Pay Chen

    A former host on OMNI TV and Breakfast TV host in Winnipeg, Chen is funny, insightful and definitely into reality TV -- she even wrote recaps of "The Bachelor Canada"!

  • Shaun Majumder

    This dude is hilarious, experienced and pretty well-known to Canadians. If "The Amazing Race Canada" is looking for humour, the producers don't really need to look any further.

  • Michael Kuss

    Formerly of Toronto, Kuss moved to BC to join CTV News as the weatherman. This guy dressed up as "partly cloudy" once for Halloween -- he has our vote for host.

  • Ross Rebagliati

    Famous for his Olympics marijuana dust-up (and that little gold medal thing), Rebagliati is a warm personality who Canadians can cozy up to. Just don't take this show to Amsterdam. Or BC.

  • Ashleigh McIvor

    The first female gold medal winner of ski cross at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, McIvor has the looks, charm and respect of the entire nation. Might as well give her a host job, no?

  • Trevor Linden

    Hockey players (even former ones) don't really do that much nowadays, aside from various alumni events ... right? Let's give Linden some work! Plus he's some eye candy for the ladies.

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