Is Poland the new Tuscany? That's what cookbook authors Danielle Crittenden and Anne Applebaum believe.

Crittenden — The Huffington Post's International Blog Editor — and Applebaum, a Pulitzer-prize winning historian, have just published "From a Polish Country House Kitchen," a collection of recipes and lush photographs based on what they describe as the "new Polish cuisine."

Among the dishes are duck perogies, wild boar, and light cabbage rolls with turkey stuffing in a wild mushroom sauce, as opposed to the heavier, greasier dishes that characterize some of the "old" Polish cuisine.

One of the more notable items? The go-to chicken soup recipe of Crittenden's late mother-in-law, journalist Barbara Frum, which borrows from Wolfgang Puck's matzoh ball creation. As National Post columnist Shinan Govani put it, the book is "a forward-gallop into a cuisine that hasn’t had its 15 minutes."

Watch Crittenden and Applebaum discuss the latest food revolution on Global's Morning Show in Toronto in the video above.

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