As of approximately 9:12 EST this morning, Canadians can officially say their country has 35 million people within its borders — a number that is rising every minute and 28 seconds, according to Canada's Population Clock.

Tallied at around 33.5 million in the 2011 Census, Canada's population was noted to be the fastest growing of the G8 nations in February, owing much of this growth to immigration, particularly in the western part of the country.

But there's also a baby boom taking place that has contributed to this rise in population. The census numbers released this year showed the number of children aged four and under in Canada was up 11 per cent between 2006 and 2011, a rate of growth that had only previously been seen between 1956 and 1961.

So can Canada handle this amount of people within its borders? Considering our country's 9,976,140 square kilometres — a number that puts our population density at 3.5 persons per square km — it shouldn't be too much a problem. (By way of comparison, the United States' population density is about 32.7 per square km.) And when you compare that to the seven billion people currently estimated to be on the planet, we think our land mass is looking mighty good right about now.

Check out the populations of these countries — including the ones closest in population to Canada:

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  • Afghanistan

    <strong>POPULATION:</strong> 30,419,928 <strong>TOTAL AREA:</strong> 652,230 sq km <em>An Afghan man rides a horses on Qargha Lake in Kabul Afghanistan.</em>

  • Algeria

    <strong>POPULATION:</strong> 37,367,226 <strong>TOTAL AREA:</strong> 2,381,741 sq km <em> Algerians release Houbara bustard birds in al-Bayadh in the Zebudja region, 980 kms southwest of Algiers.</em>

  • Morocco

    <strong>POPULATION:</strong> 32,309,239 <strong>TOTAL AREA:</strong> 446,550 sq km <em>General view of Hotel Selman for the Dior dinner at Hotel Selman.</em>

  • Nepal

    <strong>POPULATION:</strong> 29,890,686 <strong>TOTAL AREA:</strong> 147,181 sq km <em>Buddhist nuns chant in front of the Boudhanath stupa.</em>

  • Poland

    <strong>POPULATION:</strong> 38,415,284 <strong>TOTAL AREA:</strong> 312,685 sq km <em>People enjoy the Christmas illuminations at the Royal Treaty street in Warsaw.</em>

  • Uganda

    <strong>POPULATION:</strong> 33,640,833 <strong>TOTAL AREA:</strong> 241,038 sq km

  • Sudan

    <strong>POPULATION:</strong> 34,206,710 <strong>TOTAL AREA:</strong> 1,861,484 sq km <em>Refugees from South Kordofan dancing to traditional songs at the Yida Refugee Camp in South Sudan. </em>

  • Iraq

    <strong>POPULATION:</strong> 31,129,225 <strong>TOTAL AREA:</strong> 438,317 sq km <em>Iranian mourners chant slogans as they cover themselves with mud during Ashoura rituals, marking the death anniversary of Imam Hussein.</em>

  • SMALLEST: Vatican City

    <strong>POPULATION:</strong> 836 <strong>TOTAL AREA:</strong> 0.44 sq km

  • LARGEST: China

    <strong>POPULATION:</strong> 1,343,239,923 <strong>TOTAL AREA:</strong> 9,596,961 sq km <em>The Forbidden City is reflected in a frozen river in Beijing.</em>