Ever heard the expression the world is your oyster?

Well, when you watch this uplifting video showing beautiful moments from around the planet involving Mother Nature, animals and humans, you will fully appreciate it even more. And perhaps take pause and think about what you have — and what you want out of life.

The video, was pulled together by EdisProduction, a cinematic company based in Germany. Not only will this video encourage you to want to travel more and see the world, but it also gives us a massive bucket list to work with.

Where do you love travelling the most? Let us know in the comments below:

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  • Space Shuttle

    The space shuttle Atlantis is docked with the Russian space station Mir as the two spacecraft orbit the Earth in a 1995 photo.

  • The earth rises above the far side of the moon during the Apollo 8 mission.

  • Space Shuttle

    The earth rises over the horizon of the moon during the Apollo 8 mission.

  • This three-picture sequence made from May 21, 1969 photos provided by NASA shows the Earth rising above the moon, taken from Apollo 10 during their return from the sunless backside into the sunny side of the moon.

  • This 1968 photo provided by NASA shows Earth as seen from the Apollo 8 spacecraft. The images provided by the NASA mission were the first to how the planet in its entirety.

  • Earth as seen during the Apollo 8 mission.

  • Space Shuttle

    Earth as seen during the Apollo 8 mission.

  • Space Shuttle

    This 1992 photo captured by the Galileo spacecraft shows the moon, lower left, in orbit around Earth.