You knew (and perhaps feared) it would happen. Avril Lavigne, half of Canadian rock power couple Chavril, has released a cover of Nickelback's "This Is How You Remind Me."

Lavigne, who announced her engagement with Nickelback lead singer Chad Kroeger earlier this summer, recorded the cover for the soundtrack of One Piece Film Z, a Japanese film.

Lavigne slows down the Nickelback power ballad, stretching out this poor listener's agony.

It's also probably no coincidence that this song was released just a few short weeks before Dec. 21st, the date some people say marks the Mayan end times.

Check out Twitter reactions to Avril Lavigne's cover:

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  • Billy Burnett

    @consciousgary i love avril lavigne but even im saying this is wrong

  • Dan

    listening to the avril lavigne's cover of a nickleback song. Slight vomiting, sad tears and nausea followed

  • Jana Babez

    Avril Lavigne has covered Nickleback's "How You Remind Me". How to deal?

  • Shavi

    Who wants to hold hands and vomit? “@NME: Avril Lavigne's cover of Nickelback's 'How You Remind Me' surfaces – listen”

  • Scott Wilson

    Avril Lavigne's Nickelback cover...could not have asked for more.

  • Harrison Deacon

    It's well different but it's so fucking amazing! Avril Lavigne is too good man, and How You Remind Me is one of the greatest songs ever.

  • Harrison Deacon

    Avril Lavigne covered How You Remind Me?! This has potential to be fucking amazing.

  • Darth Vader

    Avril Lavigne sang a Nickelback song. In related news, the Empire now has a new song to torture rebels with.

  • Offensive Wonka

    Chad Kroeger of Nickelback and Avril Lavigne are getting married. This is Chad's 2nd worst decision. The 1st, of course, is making music.

  • Nathan McHardy

    @NME who do i sue for damage done to my ears.Had to burst my eardrums after about 40 secs.So is it you? Ms Lavigne? Nickelback?

  • Shannon Jezzard

    Nah I listened to half of the Avril/Nickelback song and I couldn't take anymore

  • Kasia Mitchell

    Nickelback is the crocs of music.

Lavigne's cover also lets us repost this other version of the Nickelback classic sung by Sum 41's Deryk Whibley, Lavigne's former husband.