12/14/2012 04:57 EST | Updated 02/13/2013 05:12 EST

Robbery suspect's father says son died of 'suicide by police'

The father of the man fatally shot during a bank robbery attempt this week claims his son wanted to die in a shoot out with police.

Robert Grisch, father of Mike Grisch, sent a statement to CBC News Thursday.

In the statement, Grisch described how his son bled to death after being shot several times.

"It was clearly planned on his part," he wrote. "He could have left (the bank) at any time but he waited for the police to arrive."

He goes on to say his son feared he had cancer of the small intestine, that he had been bleeding from his bowel for a number of weeks.

The statement urges parents to embrace their children no matter the circumstances.

"Love them — always , close your eyes and don't see them as stubborn or lazy , but as a younger version of you," he said.