12/19/2012 01:28 EST | Updated 02/18/2013 05:12 EST

Surrey low-income tenants say heat irregular for months

Several low-income tenants in a Surrey apartment building want their landlord to speed up repairs to the heating system.

Some of the renters at an apartment building at 95th Avenue and 128th Street claim their heat has been off since October, and they’re worried about sitting in the cold for Christmas.

Tenant Dave Mckeown says electricity in the building has also been sporadic all month.

"When there's no clouds in the sky, it’s well below zero and my daughter’s room there gets no heat whatsoever because the radiators or the heaters on the bottom just aren't working whatsoever."

The landlord has offered space heaters as a stopgap, but some tenants say they're worried their electricity bills will spike and food will rot just before the holidays.

Main Street Equity, the company that owns the building, insists the heat is not off and says it has installed new boilers.

Spokesperson Michael Birklein says the new equipment disrupted the electrical system, which is being repaired.

"The boilers are now installed and they’ve had heat for two weeks except for a couple of times when we had to shut down in order to work on the electrical unit," he told CBC News.

"All tenants were informed when the shutdown would be."

ACORN, an advocacy group for low and middle-income people, is hoping the City of Surrey will step in.

The group says it wants city hall to use its new standards of maintenance bylaws to demand buildings are well-maintained.