KAMLOOPS, B.C. - The RCMP have released a surveillance photo taken of a 16-year-old girl just hours before she was murdered in Kamloops, B.C., in hopes it will bring in more tips in the killing.

The body of C.J. Fowler was found in a ravine on Dec. 5, not long after her image was captured by a camera while she was at Royal Inland Hospital around 3 a.m.

Police say the evidence shows Fowler was murdered before dawn on the 5th.

The photo shows Fowler in a hallway of the hospital wearing blue jeans and a green jacket over a pink hoodie and another jacket that's black and grey plaid.

Police say they want to hear from anyone who may have seen Fowler between the hospital and where she was found in the ravine.

Fowler, who had been visiting Kamloops, had a bus ticket to her hometown of Terrace when her body was discovered.

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