EDMONTON - Albertans have stepped up to help an Edmonton man who is battling cancer.

Sixty-one-year-old Kevin Hearn was worried about how to take care of his beloved Husky cross, Smokey, while undergoing treatment for colon cancer.

Hearn's co-worker Heather Babineau put out a plea for help, and her phone almost immediately started ringing off the hook.

She said some volunteers have offered to take Smokey on daily walks and others built a dog run for her in Hearn's backyard Friday.

Fast Fence Rentals Ltd. also put up a portable fence to help contain Smokey.

Babineau said a local kennel has also offered to take Smokey free of charge anytime Hearn needs help.

"You've got to reach out sometimes,'' said Art Piechowicz, owner of Fast Fence Rentals. "I just want to make sure his dog doesn't get away, because that's his pride and joy.''

Babineau received more than 60 calls in total.

"`It's amazing,'' she said. ``They have done so much for Kevin so far. It's the best Christmas present he could ever have, just to know there's people that care about people.''

Hearn said he was overwhelmed with joy to hear so many people have reached out to help him in his time of need.

"My family has been gone for a long time, I never had any brothers or sisters and it's just... wow,'' Hearn said, choking up with emotion.

"It's just totally amazing. When people reach out to you it just boosts your spirit.''

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