The Honourable Louise Charron, C.C. Ottawa, Ont. _ Law

L. Jacques Ménard, C.C., O.Q. Montréal, Que. _ Voluntary Service


Arnold Boldt, O.C. Saskatoon, Sask. _ Sports

Paul G. Cherry, O.C. Saint John, N.B. _ Industry/Commerce/Business

The Honourable Sheila Copps, P.C., O.C. Ottawa, Ont. _ Politics

Julie M. Cruikshank, O.C. Vancouver, B.C. _ Social Sciences

The Honourable Kenneth (Ken) Wayne Dryden, P.C., O.C. Toronto, Ont. _ Sports

Phil Fontaine, O.C., O.M. Ottawa, Ont. _ Public Service

Paul-André Fortier, O.C. Montréal, Que. _ Arts

Michael Fullan, O.C. Toronto, Ont. _ Education

Colonel John Alan Gardam, O.C., O.M.M., M.S.M., C.D. (Ret’d) Ottawa, Ont. _ Voluntary Service

Scott Griffin, O.C. Toronto, Ont. _ Philanthropy

Jean Grondin, O.C. Montréal, Que. _ Social Sciences

Michael Franklin Harcourt, O.C. Vancouver, B.C. _ Politics

Clyde Hertzman, O.C. Vancouver, B.C. _ Health Care

Bonnie Sher Klein, O.C. Vancouver, B.C. _ Arts

Veronica Lacey, O.C. Toronto, Ont. _ Education

Alain Lemaire, O.C. Kingsey Falls, Que. _ Industry/Commerce/Business

Laurent Lemaire, O.C. Kingsey Falls, Que. _ Industry/Commerce/Business

Michel Lemieux, O.C. Montréal, Que. _ Arts

Roderick Alexander Macdonald, O.C. Westmount, Que. _ Law

M. G. Venkatesh Mannar, O.C. Ottawa, Ont. _ Social Service

Roald Nasgaard, O.C. Toronto, Ont. _ Arts

Victor Pilon, O.C., R.V.M. Montréal, Que. _ Arts

Donald Ross, O.C. Toronto, Ont. _ Philanthropy

John D. Ross, O.C. Iroquois, Ont. _ Engineering

Danièle Sauvageau, O.C., M.S.C. Deux-Montagnes, Que. _ Sports

David W. Scheifele, O.C. Surrey, B.C. _ Health Care

Ronald P. Schlegel, O.C. Ayr, Ont. _ Philanthropy

Rosemary Sullivan, O.C. Toronto, Ont. _ Arts

Rachel Thibeault, O.C. Ottawa, Ont. _ Social Service

The Honourable Brian Tobin, P.C., O.C. Manotick, Ont. _ Politics

Ian Hugh Wallace, O.C. Vancouver, B.C. _ Arts

Lise Watier, O.C., O.Q. Mont-Royal, Que. _ Industry/Commerce/Business

Richard Waugh, O.C. Toronto, Ont. _ Industry/Commerce/Business


William John Aide, C.M. Toronto, Ont. _ Arts

Garnet Angeconeb, C.M. Sioux Lookout, Ont. _ Voluntary Service

George William Archibald, C.M. Baraboo, WI, U.S.A. and New Glasgow, N.S. _ Environment

Mitchell A. Baran, C.M. London, Ont. _ Industry/Commerce/Business

Andrew Barrie, C.M. Creemore, Ont. _ Communications

Gaston Bellemare, C.M., O.Q. Trois-Rivières, Que. _ Arts

Warren T. Blume, C.M. London, Ont. _ Health Care

Michael J. Brown, C.M. Vancouver, B.C. _ Industry/Commerce/Business

Stevie Cameron, C.M. Toronto, Ont. _ Communications

John Cassaday, C.M. Toronto, Ont. _ Voluntary Service

James K. M. Cheng, C.M. Vancouver, B.C. _ Architecture

Bruce Clemmensen, C.M. Tottenham, Ont. _ Industry/Commerce/Business

Rebecca J. Cook, C.M. Toronto, Ont. _ Law

Jane Coop, C.M. Vancouver, B.C. _ Arts

Dennis Covill, C.M. Hacketts Cove, N.S. _ Engineering

Charmaine A. Crooks, C.M. West Vancouver, B.C. _ Sports

Alban D’Amours, C.M., G.O.Q. Québec, Que. _ Industry/Commerce/Business

Lorraine Desmarais, C.M. Laval, Que. _ Arts

Beverley Diamond, C.M. St. John’s, Nfld. _ Education

Kildare Dobbs, C.M., O.Ont. Toronto, Ont. _ Arts

James (Jim) Durrell, C.M. Ottawa, Ont. _ Voluntary Service

Murray W. Enkin, C.M. Hamilton, Ont. _ Health Care

Michael Enright, C.M. Toronto, Ont. _ Communications

Janice Filmon, C.M., O.M. Winnipeg, Man. _ Voluntary Service

Geoffrey D. Green, C.M. Chelsea, Que. _ Environment

Albert Greer, C.M. Orillia, Ont. _ Arts

Dana W. Hanson, C.M. _ Fredericton, N.B. Health Care

Paul Henderson, C.M. Mississauga, Ont. Voluntary Service

Elmer Hildebrand, C.M., O.M. Winnipeg, Man. _ Communications

Martin Hunter, C.M. Toronto, Ont. _ Arts

Aditya Jha, C.M. Mississauga, Ont. _ Philanthropy

Harold Kalant, C.M. Toronto, Ont. _ Science

Harold Kalman, C.M. Vancouver, B.C. _ Heritage

Elsie Kawulych, C.M., A.O.E. Vegreville, Alta. _ Voluntary Service

Janice MacKinnon, C.M., S.O.M. Saskatoon, Sask. _ Politics

Leo MacNeil, C.M. Sydney, N.S. _ Heritage

David J. Magee, C.M. _ Edmonton, Alta. _ Health Care

Fred V. Martin, C.M. Salt Spring Island, B.C. and Edmonton, Alta. _ Law

Howard McCurdy, C.M., O.Ont. LaSalle, Ont. _ Public Service

Claude Montmarquette, C.M. Pointe-Claire, Que. _ Social Sciences

Hiroshi Nakamura, C.M. LaSalle, Que. _ Sports

Jacqueline Oland, C.M. New River Beach, N.B. _ Philanthropy

Marina Orsini, C.M. Montréal, Que. _ Arts

Jocelyn Palm, C.M. Toronto, Ont. _ Social Service

Stephen James Ralls, C.M. Toronto, Ont. _ Arts

Heather Maxine Reisman, C.M. Toronto, Ont. _ Philanthropy

Sister Angèle Rizzardo, C.M. Montréal, Que. _ Communications

Edward Sydney Schwartz, C.M. Nashville, TN, U.S.A. and Toronto, Ont. _ Arts

Joseph Shannon, C.M. Long Point, N.S. _ Industry/Commerce/Business

Brigitte Shim, C.M. Toronto, Ont. _ Architecture

Linda Silver Dranoff, C.M. Toronto, Ont. _ Law

A. Howard Sutcliffe, C.M. Toronto, Ont. _ Architecture

James Bruce Ubukata, C.M. Toronto, Ont. _ Arts

Jagannath Wani, C.M. Calgary, Alta. _ Voluntary Service

Beverley Wybrow, C.M. Toronto, Ont. _ Social Service

Toyoshi Yoshihara, C.M. Tokyo, Japan and Vancouver, B.C. _ Arts

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