Hangovers suck. Sadly, when the bubbly is overflowing and you're in the company of friends and raucous strangers it's easy to have another glass or three.

We've rounded up a few ways to prevent that nasty New Year's Day hangover and tips for getting back on your feet if you end up feeling like a dozen tiny men are jackhammering a new sidewalk inside your head.

How NOT To Get Hungover

1. Eat something

While eating won't actually prevent you from getting drunk it can slow your body's absorption of alcohol. It's probably why the snack tables at parties are always so popular.

Recent studies also point to asparagus as a possible hangover cure. Sadly, the green stuff might not be easily available at your local greasy spoon.

2. Drink plenty of water

Dehydration is one of the reasons why hangovers suck. Drink plenty of water during the night (try alternating an alcoholic drink with a glass of water or club soda). Definitely have one before you head to bed and keep one on your bedside counter. It'll make staying in bed that much easier.

3. Drink slower

The slower you drink the fewer drinks you'll have. The extra time also lets your body process the alcohol already in your system.

4. Drink clear alcohols

Gin, vodka and other clear alcohol contain fewer impurities and can lead in less severe hangovers. But if you slam back those shots of vodka or have a dozen gin and tonics you're still going to get drunk, got it?

5. Don't drink

Set a limit at the start of the night. Switch to non-alcoholic drinks or simply don't drink. This sounds too simple to say, but if you don't drink alcohol then you won't have that hangover.

Uh Oh. I'm Hungover What Do I Do Now?

1. Water, water, water

After a night of drinking your body is dehydrated. If you didn't leave that glass of water on your bedside table, grab some now. Repeat as necessary.

Energy drinks are also a good alternative. The drinks often contain electrolytes and nutrients which your body will want after a night of hard drinking.

2. Eat something

Your body needs fuel. Pick foods rich in carbohydrates and protein. Yes, that greasy breakfast fits the bill. Eggs in particular are great for hangovers because they contain plenty of cysteine, an enzyme useful in breaking down alcohol. Check out our recipes for the best hangover breakfasts.

Keep in mind your stomach might be sensitive from the night before so consider easing into your breakfast with a cup of soup, a juice or smoothie (water, sugar and vitamins!) or some fruit (bananas are an awesome hangover food) before scarfing down that burrito or omelette.

3. Rest

Have you had that glass of water and a snack or a meal? Doesn't that bed look cozy? What about that couch? Settle in. You'll feel better in a few hours.

4. Juice it up

Too queasy to eat? Consider juices or smoothies.

Coconut water contains plenty of anti-oxidants, sugar and, uhm, water. All three things will help with your hangover.

5. Vitamin B

You can take a vitamin B-complex pill to help replace those vitamins your body has lost. It doesn't hurt to take one the night before as well.

Things to avoid

1. More alcohol

Yes, that bloody mary or caesar sounds like a good idea but all you're doing to your poor liver is delaying the inevitable. Also, note that 'hair of the dog' drinks contain things that actually help in a hangover, tomato juice for example. Our advice? Skip the morning booze.

2. Caffeine

Caffeine can be a diuretic and dehydrate you further. So you may want to avoid that third espresso until you feel a bit better.

3. Acetaminophen

This common over the counter drug (ex. Tylenol) can interact badly with the alcohol in your system and in rare cases lead to liver damage. Acetaminophen can also be found in cold and flu medications. In fact, alcohol and many medications do not interact well. When in doubt read labels carefully.

What are your hangover remedies? Share them with us in the comments.

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