Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has much to do on the International Space Station, including conducting experiments, operating the Canadarm and, in March, taking over the role of commander.

He's also taking some time to tweet about life in orbit, including some stunning photos of Canada.

The ISS is hurtling around the globe at 27,700 kilometers per hour, making a full orbit about once every 91 minutes — giving astronauts an ever-changing view of life below.

Check out Hadfield's images of Canada below and click over to his Twitter profile for more images of Earth and life on the ISS.

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  • Rocky Mountains

    "The Rockies are beautiful, and very much so from orbit - What an amazing view! (photo taken 30 Dec 12)"

  • St. John's

    "St John's, NF - catching some winter sun through the cloud. Taken from the International Space Station on 2 Jan 13."

  • Halifax

    "Halifax NS, dressed in snow. Beautiful both on earth and from space - taken on the second day of 2013."

  • Toronto

    "Toronto in snow - how it looked from the ISS today, 30 Dec at 12:35 local."

  • Montreal

    "Montreal South Shore, in snow (and a trace of cloud) - how it looked today from ISS, 30 Dec at 12:40."

  • Ottawa

    'Ottawa in Snow - how it looked today from ISS - 30 Dec at 12:40"

  • Barrie, Ont.

    "Barrie, ON in snow - how it looked from ISS, today, 30 Dec at 12:40."

  • Lake Winnipeg

    "Like a pointed toe into icy water - Long Point, Lake Winnipeg, from orbit. (30 Dec 12)"

  • Price Edward Island

    "PEI on the last day of 2012, as seen from a window of the Space Station. (11:00 AM, 31 Dec)"

  • Cambridge, Ont.

    "Cambridge Ontario in the snow, on the last day of 2012."

  • Kitchener-Waterloo, Ont.

    "Kitchener-Waterloo in the snow, taken from the Space Station on the last day of 2012."

  • Tadoussac, Quebec

    "Tadoussac, Quebec - a great place for whale watching. Photo taken at Noon on 31 Dec 12."

  • Quebec City

    "Quebec City - La Ville de Quebec, le 31 Dec 12 a midi, de la station spatial internationale."

  • Sackville, N.B.

    "Sackville NB, home of @MountAllison University - on the last day of 2012."

  • Calgary

    "Calgary emerging from the snow on New Year's Eve, with clouds beginning to roll in overhead."

  • Kingston, Ont.

    "Kingston, ON in snow - how it looked from ISS today, 30 Dec at 12:40."