Police expect charges will be laid against the owner of two dogs that got loose and allegedly attacked a woman in Calgary.

The woman was taken to hospital and both dogs were seized after the Wednesday night incident.

Police say they responded after reports of aggressive dogs running free in a northeast neighbourhood.

Officers arriving at the scene were forced to call for backup and animal control officers when the dogs swarmed their car.

The incident comes after a vicious attack in which three pit bulls killed a dog and injured another in a Calgary off-leash park.

A bylaw official says charges could be laid against both dog owners.

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  • Mike Blanchard

    @CoryBMorgan @calgaryherald those who think pit bull ban will take a bite out of vicious dog attacks are barking up wrong tree #yyc

  • Joe McFarland

    Officials also say it's an unfortunate reminder to all Calgarians that they need to be in control of dogs at all times. #yyc

  • Briana Huether

    Understand your breed and its tendencies. Understand the HUGE risks of your dog associating with dogs you do not know! #yyc

  • Canadian Girl

    @CyG_dogs #YYC Disgusting. A Pom is hardly a chew toy!! the owner was careless and had no right to be with 3 dogs he couldn't control

  • Vico McBeep

    Another dog attack in an off-leash area in Calgary - dogs are ALWAYS out of control in those areas. #YYC

  • RH Olson

    Dear #Pitbull owners: When are you going to admit, pitbulls are a dangerous breed? Time to ban the breed. http://t.co/d5MNvAJ1 #YYC #spca

  • Rebecca

    @nenshi @aldjohnmar How many more dogs have to die before this city will do something to prevent pitbull attacks? http://t.co/25tuKSEo #yyc

  • Angela S

    @metrocalgary it's the owner not the breed. We had a pit bull live next door it loved my daxi and was so nice gave kisses! #yyc #pitbulls

  • Scientia Sapientia

    Looks like a #pitbull ban is in order for #yyc. I've had my own problems with irresponsible owners of this breed. Time to restrict ownership