Fiat 500L 'The Motherhood' Ad: U.K. Car Ad Shows 'Typical' Life Of A Mom (VIDEO)

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Moms, there are a few things we picked up from this car commercial: Your counters are sticky, you love leftovers and a thong makes your butt itch.

But all jokes aside, motherhood can be a combination of hilarity and hardships, and this three-minute commercial for the Fiat 500L is apparently meant to show us real thing.

The ad, which features a mother rapping about "The Motherhood," is meant depict the life of a busy mom who pleases everyone, while "living large" on a daily basis, according to the company.

The video, posted on December 13 and now with over 2 million views, shows a mom of three rapping about her nursing bra, episiotomy stitches and her quest to get her pre-mommy body back. You know, exactly the kind of things you talk about on a daily basis.

But we'll admit, some verses were true: Parents often try to find balance with busy schedules, naps can be a lifesaver and there's pleasure to be had in posting baby photos on Facebook.

In 2010, Toyota ran a similar rap-video-disguised-as-commercial for their Sienna SE, or the "Swagger Wagon", which featured a mom and dad duo rapping about bake sales, tea parties and their honour-roll kids. And last August, a couple decided to release their own "Parent Rap," which now has over 1 million views.

YouTube users had mixed views on 'The Motherhood': Most found it funny, while others called out the confusion about the lack of an actual car commercial, and the similarities to the "Swagger Wagon" video.

While blogger Suzanne of The Mummy Hood agreed it was entertaining, she also pointed out how unrealistic the ad looked, showing off a clean house and fancy new car in the driveway.

So we're wondering — is this commercial a realistic (and funny) portrayal of the parenting life, or a misrepresentation of modern motherhood? Let us know in the comments below:

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