As the end to the NHL lockout came into view Sunday, fans, reporters, celebrities and players took to Twitter to celebrate.

The league and players' association reached a tentative agreement in the early morning after a 16-hour negotiation session. Neither side has laid out the exact details of the deal, although highlights have been reported. The starting date and length of the season also remain unclear, but NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said the "framework" had been agreed upon.

"We've got to dot a lot of i's and cross a lot of t's. There's still a lot of work to be done but the basic framework of the deal has been agreed upon," he said in a press conference.

Both the NHL and NHLPA must ratify the deal.

Shortly after the announcement, those who had been waiting anxiously for the lockout to end reacted via Twitter. Some applauded both sides for finally coming to an agreement after 113 days of disappointment while others couldn't get over the way negotiations unfolded to the detriment of fans.

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