01/07/2013 10:49 EST

Training Montage Montage Video Will Help You Stick To New Year's Fitness Resolutions (VIDEO)

We're one week into 2013, and perhaps some of your New Year's fitness resolutions have already fallen flat. But with Slacktory's 'training montage montage,' you'll never skip out on your exercise regime again.

The video took the best of the best training scenes to make what is in our opinion the ultimate training montage video: Scenes from 'Cool Runnings' and 'Rocky' I-IV lead right into 'Kill Bill: Vol. 2' and 'Bring It On' to find inspiration in, yes, some unexpected places. Something about watching them all together (set to 'You're the Best' from 'Karate Kid,' no less) just makes you want to get up off the couch and hit the gym.

And in case the inspiration doesn't last, there are other ways to stick to your fitness resolutions. Experts suggest setting specific goals, picking resolutions that are achievable but challenging, and writing them down on paper as a reminder.

And of course, don't beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon.

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