It's any aspiring hockey player's dream come true.

A Leduc, Alta. couple have created a backyard hockey rink so true to what one might find in Calgary's Scotiabank Saddledome or Edmonton's Rexall Place, it's even got us a bit jealous.

Erron and Christa Steele say the project began eight years ago as a small patch of ice in their yard and now it's grown to include company logos and a fully-functioning score board originally used in a local arena.

"The first rink was just shoveled snow to the sides and I turned the sprinkler on. I added small boards and the boards got bigger and better," Erron told CTV Edmonton.

Global Edmonton reports that each year the father of two added more details to the mini-rink. Lines and boards were the first few additions and this year, instead of featuring the usual Edmonton Oilers logo, Erron designed a Team Canada logo out of tissue paper.

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"I wasn't going to use the Oilers this year. I was a little frustrated with the lockout," he told CTV.

"I thought I'd put Canada on there, I've always wanted to do that one, especially with Nuge playing over there in the world juniors."

The rink takes months to build - Christa and Erron usually start around November - but the hard work is enjoyed by many. Not only do their two children love the rink, but the Steele family sees a steady stream of neighbourhood kids coming by all winter long.

"I think it's pretty cool," their son, nine-year-old Niklas Steele, told CTV. "All my friends can skate on it."

"He just likes to see us happy and see other kids enjoy something that he built," Erron's 12-year-old daughter Anika told Global.

"I hated skating when I was little, but then once we got this up I went out there all the time."

"It is a lot of work and when you think about it we have to shovel our backyard ever time it snows which is crazy but the kids love it," Christa said of the project, which now bears the name 'Steele Centre.'

"It's fun to watch the kids faces and to watch your guys faces when you come out it's neat to see because nobody expects this in a backyard."

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