01/08/2013 04:13 EST | Updated 03/10/2013 05:12 EDT

Montreal's massive snow-clearing effort wraps today

Thirteen days after a record-breaking 45 centimetres of snow fell in Montreal, the city says the snow-removal operation is finally wrapping up.

City spokesperson Jacques-Alain Lavallée appeared by phone on CBC Montreal's Daybreak this morning to answer listeners' questions about the city's snow clearing.

He said only some residential streets in the borough of LaSalle have yet to be cleared and that work is expected to be finished by this afternoon.

Lavallée explained that the city coordinates with the boroughs to make sure all snow-clearing is completed.

"The city of Montreal doesn't have any equipment per se, the boroughs have the equipment," he said.

"When there is precipitation, we discuss our priorities – the metro entrances, the bus stops, the hospitals, the schools and the main streets. As per the side streets or the residential areas, those are determined how they will be cleared of snow by the boroughs."

Lavallée said the city is open to hearing from citizens about areas that have been neglected. He suggested calling the city's 311 information phone line to report snow removal delays.

While this particular storm was exceptional, he said, the city will be reviewing how well it fared with its snow-clearing efforts.

"Once the operation is completed, then we will sit down with the boroughs, particularly the ones that were targeted with the public's criticism, and we will make sure that changes are brought up," he said.

"Certainly, the occurrence that a 45-centimetre storm happens again is very unlikely, but nevertheless, let's keep an open mind and see what could be changed."