01/09/2013 08:48 EST | Updated 03/11/2013 05:12 EDT

Disturbing details in suicide-counselling warrant

Disturbing new details are emerging about an Abbotsford, B.C., man scheduled to appear in provincial court this week on a charge of counselling a mentally-ill woman to commit suicide.

According to information sworn to obtain a search warrant for Kenneth William Carr's home, police are investigating images of naked, lifeless people found on a cell phone police claim they found in the residence.

The warrant also states police allegedly found photographs of women "with a noose around their necks in a hanging position" when they searched Carr's work locker more than a decade earlier in connection with his manslaughter conviction in the 1997 death of homeless teen.

Abbotsford police made a public appeal for information about Carr in October. Const. Ian MacDonald says they received calls, but nothing to indicate any further criminal activity.

"This is a particularly heinous offence," MacDonald says. "And due to the nature of the event itself and the possibility that there could be other victims or others who have information about Kenneth William Carr, the Abbotsford Police and our serious crimes section is very interested in that type of contact."

Ligature marks

Carr was arrested last fall after a family member brought the alleged victim forward to report ligature marks around her neck.

According to the search warrant, the 48-year-old woman claimed she told Carr she was depressed, and he allegedly offered to help her commit suicide, saying he "had 'done this before,' in reference to helping people to commit suicide by hanging."

The court document alleges Carr gave the woman pills and rigged a rope up from the rafters. The woman allegedly recalled standing on a chair.

"During the search of the basement suite, a room was located with a few ropes suspended from floor joist supports, a suicide note was located in the kitchen, a cellular phone was located on the bed headboard in the master bedroom," the warrant states.

"A review of the cellular phone revealed photographs including separate images of an apparent naked male and female hung by the neck that appeared to be taken in Carr's basement suite. It appeared the persons were not alive."

Pleaded guilty to manslaughter

The search warrant also cites the report to Crown counsel written in connection with Kathryn Kaminski's death in 1997. Carr was sentenced to four years after pleading guilty to manslaughter in the case.

The nude teen was found with a rope around her neck looped into a "hangman's noose with ten rolls." Investigators believe it was applied post-mortem.

According to reasons for sentence obtained by CBC News, the two met while living in a squat. Carr woke Kaminski to complain about missing money and then forcefully held her face down in the soil. She had asphyxiated on the soil and sand found in her airway and lungs. Bruising on her shins indicated that she struggled before losing consciousness.

Justice Wendy Baker noted Carr's lack of remorse.

"He went so far as to attempt to throw blame on other persons and in order to do so, engaged in indignities to the body," Baker said. "I would place this offence somewhere in the middle to the high range of moral culpability."

According to the search warrant, Carr was told he was under investigation for murder in September. He allegedly told investigators the phone with the images was left by someone else in his residence and that "the people in the images are all alive. They were made to look like they were dead in the images."

None of the allegations contained in the search warrant have been proven in court. Carr has yet to enter a plea.