Sometimes, you just can't keep the music in you.

We're not sure if this group of older a cappella singers are the first to break into song in the midst of Tim Hortons (and we're guessing there's been at least one Timmies flash mob at some point in the last three years), but the charm and sweetness of the video above sure surpasses any public display of music we've seen lately.

Posted on YouTube by Canadian user Danfi Parker and trending on Reddit's Canadian board, there isn't a lot of information about the impromptu singalong to The Lion King's "Can You Feel The Love Tonight," but the group of 11 men are sure giving it their all as they take on harmonies and melodies in a gorgeous round robin.

According to the Toronto Star, the gathering took place in an Oakville, Ontario Tim Hortons, where the group ran through a repertoire of ditties while onlookers enjoyed.

“They’ve been doing this for a while and said they sing in old folks’ homes,” Parker told the Star. “It just goes to show beauty can be captured at any moment in the most random places.”

By the looks of some of the lanyards around their necks, the gentlemen are possibly gathered together for an a cappella conference, but we'd just like to picture them as a modern day barber shop quartet (with a few extra members), coming together every week or so over coffee and doughnuts to sing their hearts out.

UPDATE: According to this tweet from Councillor Sandy Berg, they are in fact members of a barbershop group — specifically, The Entertainers, the Oakville Chapter of Barbershop Harmony Society.

Sandy Berg
This will bring a smile : The Entertainers (Oakville Chapter of Barbershop Harmony Society)

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