CALGARY - A man who faked having cancer and bilked his friends of $7,500 has been ordered to make a donation in that amount to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Kristopher Cook, 29, was also sentenced Thursday to six months in jail.

He told people he had a malignant tumour and that two fictitious sisters had died of cancer.

He set up a silent auction fundraiser that raised thousands of dollars.

The elaborate scheme also had Cook getting friends to give him a ride to the Tom Baker Cancer clinic for treatment.

The Crown says Cook's actions could cause the public to be skeptical and it might affect whether they donate to charities and hurts real victims of disease.

Those who were defrauded told court they didn't want their money back but wanted to see it donated to the cancer society.

Last year, Ashley Kirilow of Hamilton, Ont., pleaded guilty to fraud after admitting she raised $12,000 in donations by convincing people that she had cancer.

Kirilow was given a 15-month conditional sentence and was ordered to complete 100 hours of community service.

A Halifax woman convicted of embezzling almost $70,000 from her former employer was also caught lying about having cancer.

Sherri Dawn (Lee) George, 38, admitted lying to the court and her own lawyer about having cancer, saying she had initially concocted the story when she was feeling overwhelmed by her job at a spa.

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  • Ashley Kirilow

    23-year-old Burlington, Ontario Ashley Kirilow used the internet, particularly Facebook, for fundraising. Ashley Kirilow was sent to Disneyworld for her dying wish. Kirilow has been the subject of death threats following her exposure as a hoaxster.

  • Brigid A. Corcoran

    Corcoran raised thousands of dollars at fund raising event, on the untrue claim she had non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

  • Jessica Ann Leeder

    21-year-old Huntsville, Ontario Leeder used Facebook to solicit funds to support her fight against a non-existent cancer.

  • Jonathan Jay White

    Melissa Ann Rice, 24, claimed to be a 15-year-old cancer victim The Jonathan Jay White hoax targeted celebrities, including Lance Armstrong, Tony Hawk and Kenny Chesney. The body of Rice, the hoaxster, was found in her car, a week after charges were laid.

  • Keele Maynor

    From 2003 through 2008 Chattanooga, Tennessee resident Maynor hoaxed co-workers of funds and sick days through claims she had breast cancer.

  • Jamie Lynn Toler

    Jamie Lynn Toler told her former boss she needed a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction and was uninsured. She also told the tale to her mother and grandparents. Authorities say Toler helped organize fundraisers and collected more than $8,000.

  • Martha Nicholas

    42-year-old mother of two, who claimed she had ovarian cancer, since she "was in her twenties". Was a beneficiary of the Relay for life charity.

  • Shona Holmes

    Holmes appeared on television ads on American TV during America's debate over reforming its health care system. Holmes warned American viewers against following Canada's single payer system, claiming she had a life-threatening brain tumor, and claiming that she would have died due to inherent delays in the Canadian medical system. It turned out that she never had a brain tumor, that she had a common congenital condition called a Rathke's cleft cyst.