01/13/2013 02:11 EST | Updated 03/15/2013 05:12 EDT

Injured brothers say bouncers beat them outside a Montreal bar

Police are investigating a fight outside a Montreal night club on New Years Eve that left two young men with serious injuries.

David, 22, and Daniel Herrera, 17, say they were beaten by bouncers outside the Copacabana dance club on De Maisonneuve Boulevard West.

The brothers both needed to be hospitalized after the fight. The youngest will also need plastic surgery to reconstruct the bone under his left eye.

"I just remember I was getting pushed by the security guard. I was thrown on the snow. After that, I decided to call the police and that's when I got it. I don't remember after that," said Daniel.

He admits to using a counterfeit piece of I.D. to get into the bar to ring in the New Year with his older brother and sister.

He said he came to his senses in the ambulance, but realized how badly he was injured when he got to the hospital.

"My whole face was swollen and I had a blue eye, and I had a fractured jaw and my bones from my eyes — I don't know what it's called — there was a fracture there," said Daniel.

Ines Gonzalez, the boys' mother, drove from Gatineau to the Montreal General Hospital, where she found her sons in rough shape.

"I recognized his shoes, his pants, his coat and I could not recognize his face," she said. "I was just shocked and said 'What happened?'"

Raphaël Bergeron, spokesman for the Montreal police, said authorities are investigating the young men's claim that they were beaten by staff from the Copacabana.

He said investigators are trying to find video surveillance from areas nearby and gather as much information as possible since there were no witnesses.

A manager at the Copacabana dance club told CBC News the boss was not available for comment and said the incident happened outside the bar. He would not confirm if the club's bouncers were involved in any altercation with the two brothers.