Live Action 'Toy Story' Video: Jesse Perrotta And Jonason Pauley Recreate Kids' Movie

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This 'Toy Story' video isn't exactly child's play. Two friends recreated the entire movie using real toys and people in an incredible display of dedication.

Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrotta first began making clips of the Disney-Pixar movie in the summer of 2010 and eventually remade the entire film, according to Gizmodo. It was completed last year, but recently posted online.

“If ‘Toy Story’ was in real life this is what it would look like,” Perrotta told the East Valley Tribune. “Someone who knows the movie really well will say, ‘Wow, that tiny thing in the background they got right.”

The project required making two rooms in Pauley's parent's house into the 'Toy Story' set and repurposing toys from Goodwill. It uses the original film's soundtrack.

The two Pixar fans directed the film to get the animation studio's attention, MSN said. They seemed to have done more than that -- the video has over 160,000 views on YouTube.

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Live Action 'Toy Story'
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