Sue-Ann Levy 'Racist' Tweet: Columnist Mocks Kristyn Wong-Tam's Outfit

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Sun Media columnist Sue-Ann Levy was criticized for a tweet about Kristyn Wong-Tam. (Twitter, Alamy) | Twitter/Alamy

Sun Media columnist Sue-Ann Levy is being accused of racist comments on Twitter once again.

On Tuesday night, Levy tweeted about Toronto city Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam's attire. Wong-Tam, who represents Toronto Centre-Rosedale, came to Canada from Hong Kong as a child.

Sue-Ann Levy
Nice to see Cllr Kristyn Wong-Tam wearing one of her trademark People's Republic of China suits.

Wong-Tam rebuffed the Tweet by correcting Levy's presumptions about the origins of her wardrobe:

Kristyn Wong-Tam 黃慧文
Suits & shirts generally from Brooks Brothers & Massimo Dutti. Always size 2.

Although Wong-Tam appeared to take the comment in stride, other Twitter users pounced on the remark.

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Sue-Ann Levy vs. Twitter: Kristyn Wong-Tam Edition
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This is not Levy's first time being accused of racism in her tweets. Last October, Levy tweeted "Obama says he 'will stand' with Israel if attacked and they are a 'true friend.' His nose is growing again." The kicker was her inclusion of the hashtag "#MuslimBS."

Levy was characteristically unapologetic, even after a deluge of tweets accusing her of racism and Islamophobia. The Toronto Sun, however, felt fit to respond with their own tweet:

Toronto Sun
Sue-Ann Levy's tweet on the U.S. presidential debate had an inappropriate hashtag. The tweet doesn’t reflect the views of the Toronto Sun.

Councillor Wong-Tam has also been at the receiving end of Levy's criticism before. In an October 2011 column, Levy dubbed Wong-Tam "Wrong-Turn" for "her contrarian stance to anything that is good for taxpayers."