Cities and towns around Alberta may have smashed through weather records with unseasonably high temperatures yesterday, but don't call it a Chinook.

"That's not what this is," says David Spence, meteorologist for CTV Calgary.

No, we can't thank those warm winds that occasionally blow over the mountains for a reprieve from the cold. Rather, it's a weather system that's moved in from the Pacific Ocean, blowing down over Alberta and temporarily warming us up.

Tuesday's temperatures were the highest on record for many areas in Alberta. Rocky Mountain House was the warmest place in Canada yesterday, with the mercury climbing to just over 11 C. Sundre, Lacombe, Edmonton, Camrose and Red Earth all broke records as well, reports Spence.

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  • Tara Madden

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  • Kyle S

    I seriously dig this unseasonal #springtime #yeg weather. Makes me wanna ride my bike.

  • Angie Gooley

    If you were wearing your parka and toque today in +7 weather you are a poor excuse for an Edmontonian. #yeg

  • jayda-leigh

    I haven't worn pants once all week thanks to #yeg's spring-like weather and cute, patterned tights.

  • Miss Dut

    Winter in this city isn't that bad, I'm loving the good plus' it beats Winnipeg weather any day #yeg

  • Chris Jugo

    Enjoy the weather while it lasts, -28 by Saturday. #yeg #dontforgetitsstillwinter

  • Linda Affolder

    The weather is wreaking havoc on my house. Damn ice dams. #yeg

  • Bonny L

    Wow ... Edmonton was warmer than most of Canada and the US today #YEG #weather


    Back Alleys Are The Worst In This Weather #YEG

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Despite a high of 8 C in Calgary, the city did not break the record of 13.3 C set in 1965. It did, however, experience strong wind gusts due to the low pressure system, which are expected to continue for the next few days, according to the Calgary Hearld.

“The windy pattern will continue for the next little while, particularly for areas west and southwest of the city,” Environment Canada meteorologist Bill McMurtry told the Herald.

“These winds are ushering in the warm temperatures. As long as we see warm temperatures, we’ll see wind, for the most part.

The balmy weather is expected to remain for the rest of the week. By the weekend, however, a cold front will move in, bringing temperatures down 10 to 15 degrees.

Meanwhile, the weather in northern Alberta is looking less cooperative. Lac La Biche RCMP closed Highway 881 briefly Tuesday night due to accidents along the road. RCMP said all highways in the county are snow covered and icy, and heavy snowfall was making it hard for drivers to see.

RCMP also warned that Highway 63 near Boyle, Alta. was slow-going and that tow trucks were not responding to calls.

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