01/18/2013 04:56 EST | Updated 03/20/2013 05:12 EDT

Mining company takes legal action against Quebec

A uranium mining company has filed a court order against the Quebec government after a provincial environmental group refused to give its consent to an exploration project.

Strateco Resources wants the province to decide whether or not the company can explore for uranium in Quebec's Otish Mountains, on the James Bay Cree territory.

In October, The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission granted an exploration license to Strateco Resources.

That license allows the company to do advanced exploration for uranium at the site.

Quebec's Environmental and Social Impact Review Committee, COMEX, said it will only give its approval if there is written consent from the Cree community in the area, which strongly opposes the project.

The community is even calling for a ban on uranium mining across Quebec.

Strateco Resources spokesperson, Denis Boucher, said the Cree shouldn't have the power to veto the exploration project.

"We feel this is an illegal transfer of power that gives a third party power to decide whether or not a project is going to move forward," said Boucher.

The company said it's up to the provincial government to make the final decision.

Lawyers for the mining company are expected to be back in court in February to argue the case.