01/19/2013 05:20 EST | Updated 03/21/2013 05:12 EDT

5 must-reads from you may have missed

This week, Ontario Liberals geared up to elect a new leader, arctic temperatures across the country gave Canadians something to talk about, U.S. President Barack Obama officially began his second term, a hostage situation in Algeria brought renewed focus to its alleged mastermind, and financial experts once again reminded Canadians to save their money as RRSP season heats up.

Here are five stores from you may have missed:

Ontario's new Liberal leader

Ontario Liberals are gathered in Toronto this weekend to elect a new party leader and successor to outgoing premier Dalton McGuinty.

Since Ontario is the country's largest and most vote-rich province, the federal Liberals will be keeping a close eye on the results. Since 2004, the federal Liberal party has been in decline — moving from majority government to minority government to Official Opposition and now third-party status in the House of Commons.

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In comparison, the Ontario Liberals are in power at Queen's Park. CBC's Chris Hall writes that in the weeks ahead, aligning the interests of the party's two branches will be a Liberal priority.

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Canada's weather obsession

As Canada fell into a deep freeze this week, much of the chatter around watercoolers and in coffeeshops involved the weather. Canadians seem to have an obsession with weather talk, from complaints about frigid temperatures to stories about trudging through slush.

CBC News talked to experts ranging from climatologists to sociology professors who offered their own theories on why people in this country are so fixated on the weather.

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The real Obama

U.S. President Barack Obama officially began his second term this past week, and now, without the pressure of having to run for office again in four years, is finally free to flex his political muscle and pursue his own agenda.

He already seems to be taking a more aggressive stand against his Republican critics, and some on the political right say Obama is proving to be what they describe as an uncompromising demagogue.

According to CBC's senior Washington correspondent Neil Macdonald, the world may soon see the real Obama.

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Who is Mokhtar Belmokhtar?

Last week's bloody hostage situation at an Algerian gas plant and Canada's involvement repelling Islamic militants in Mali have brought renewed attention to Mokhtar Belmokhtar, an al-Qaeda-linked commander in the Sahara.

Although Belmokhtar may not be a household name, he has been involved in a few headline-making events over the past few years, including the abduction of two former Canadian diplomats in Niger.

CBC News takes a look at the alleged mastermind behind the Algerian attack.

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Canada's 'savings crisis'

With RRSP season heating up, Canadians are once again being reminded of their abysmal record when it comes to setting aside money for retirement.

In 2010, Canadians contributed only five per cent of what they could have contributed to their RRSPs, and the average balance in a tax-free savings account was only $7,400 in 2012.

A panel of financial experts weigh in on the "savings crisis" and discuss why Canadians are not saving as much as they could .

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