01/22/2013 11:03 EST | Updated 03/24/2013 05:12 EDT

Vernon RCMP to cut positions without funding increase

The head of the RCMP detachment in Vernon, B.C., says he’ll have to cut positions if the force doesn’t get a funding increase.

RCMP Supt. Reg Burgess is asking the city for a 5.8-per cent increase, or about $400,000, but the city has allotted a budget increase of only 1.8 per cent for policing.

Burgess says that means he'll have to cut 3.5 positions.

"Basically the only option I have is to reduce my human resource level and the amount of some of the pro-active police work I do, such as undercover operations and high visibility for patrols and that type of thing.”

Burgess says the funding request is to cover wage and benefit increases as well as the increased cost of fuel.

Vernon Mayor Rob Sawatzky says no city departments are getting more than a 1.8-per-cent-increase this year, adding social agencies may have to step up to provide services in the city's downtown core.