01/22/2013 09:19 EST | Updated 03/24/2013 05:12 EDT

Watch: Ottawa coach Paul MacLean's doppelganger

The Ottawa Senators were able to stay focused in their home opener Monday night, despite seeing double behind the bench.

Sitting right behind mustachioed Senators coach Paul MacLean in the first row at a Scotiabank Place was a man who could pass for his lookalike.

MacLean tried to keep a straight face when asked after the game about his unrelated twin, but couldn't suppress a wry grin.

"I [would] think my grandfather's in town, if he wasn't passed away yet," the coach said after Otttawa's 4-0 win over Florida.

"Apparently there's quite a resemblance. I hope he gets as much help as I get around town," MacLean quipped.

MacLean said he was too occupied with the game to get a look, although he was made aware of the resemblance by game lineseman Lonnie Cameron.

"It's all good when you win," the coach said.

The dead ringer later eventually left the seat behind the bench before the game ended.

The Senators and Panthers will meet again on Thursday in Sunrise, Fla.