Does it get more stereotypical than cops racing to a donut shop - and a Tim Hortons at that?

Now there's recorded proof that it actually happens. A video of Calgary Police Service cruisers doing just that is getting thousands of views on YouTube but not a lot of favourable sentiments from police brass, who vow to bite through the glaze and find out who was behind the wheels of two marked cruisers and a third unmarked car caught in a rush for sugary treats.

The 57-second clip, uploaded on Jan 20, 2013 and posted by YouTube member boundaryzero, shows two marked cars stopped side-by-side at a red light.

When the light turns green, the two cars dart from the line with one managing a considerable lead. A speedometre reading on the video shows the two cars never seem to break the speed limit and goes on to show the two police cruisers taking different entrances into the Timmy's parking lot.

According to the Alberta Traffic Safety Act, one does not have to exceed the speed limit to be charged with stunting, careless driving or racing.

Calgary police chief Rick Hanson told the CBC the video does show some questionable behaviour and resources will be allotted to look into the matter.

"Bottom line is we talk about traffic safety all the time and when somebody films what may appear to be ... an impropriety then we are obligated to have a look at it,” Hanson told CBC.

Insp. Ken Thrower told the Calgary Herald that in watching the video he doesn't see any breeches of the Traffic Safety Act or the Criminal Code and expects the officers involved in the incident will come forward and explain their actions.

"We don't get a free pass just because," he told the Herald.

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