Settle down there Leafs fans, Wayne Gretzky isn't going to be joining the MLSE front office anytime soon, if ever.

Influential sports radio show host Bob McCown sparked wild speculation when he chatted on Tuesday about the possibility of Gretzky becoming the next president of Canada's biggest hockey franchise. The position has been vacant since MLSE management fired Leafs GM and President Brian Burke earlier this month.

And on paper Gretzky joining the Leafs front office isn't a bad idea. He had a tough run as coach and then owner of the Phoenix Coyotes but he's had his share of success in hockey management, too.

"It’s not like he has no experience as a suit running a successful hockey program. He was executive director of Team Canada in 2002 when Canada won gold in the men’s hockey competition at the Salt Lake City Olympics, and stayed in that role for several years," writes the Star's Damien Cox.

Of course, it's all wild speculation since a number of reports quickly deflated the Gretzky balloon.

But the rumours were enough to spark fierce discussion on Twitter about the relative merits of The Great One coming to Toronto to take charge of the Leafs.

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  • Sportsnet

    Wayne Gretzky not interested in becoming president of the #MapleLeafs, according to Sportsnet 590 The Fan's Bob McCown.

  • mad_intense_workout

    Why on gods good green earth would Gretzky come here to pandoras box when he lives sunny warm Cali?! #nodummy #notsuicidal

  • Coby Budgell

    The only Rumour I wanna hear in Toronto about #gretzky. Is that he is going to be the #1 Center. #Leafs.... Stop the pointless rumours

  • Ty Danley

    Also you don't want the Leafs to tarnish your name #Gretzky

  • Big Nasty Bruins

    Wayne Gretzky as the next president of the Toronto Maple #Leafs? Yeah try that. Nothing changes.

  • Zebra Problems

    Wayne Gretzky has almost 400 more career points than the entire active roster of the Toronto Maple Leafs

  • Bruce Arthur

    It's amazing how the Gretzky family can, after all these years, drive towering piles of chatter over absolutely nothing at all.

  • Steve Dangle Glynn

    As far as hockey stories go, this Gretzky story got stupid and boring at record speed.

  • Collin Van Ooyen

    I love hearing about the #Gretzky story that isn't really a story; the rumor mill in the #Toronto hockey market is insatiable #eyeonsheridan

  • Darren R Pang

    I'm sure this doesn't need repeating but here goes. Just spoke with Gretzky about #Leafs and he has had zero conversation with them.

  • Critch

    Remember when gretzky coached Phoenix.. #ThatWentWell

  • localsportsteam

    For the record I don't blame Cox for the Gretzky rumors, but it was his network jumping all over a simple conversation.

  • Tyson Leszek William

    I would say that there is a better chance of the #Leafs winning the Stanley Cup than there is of Gretzky becoming the new President #TMLtalk

It's easy to see why fans latched on to the Gretzky rumours. He is, after all, hockey's biggest legend and Toronto media would probably find him a bit easier to talk to than the notoriously prickly Brian Burke. But let's just chalk this one up to Leafs fans desperate for good news about their team.

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