We're about to get cheeky.

"Wearing blush is an instant pick-me-up. It livens up your complexion by warming up your skin tone and portraying a healthy, youthful appearance," says Toronto makeup artist Victoria Fedosoff.

Blush, originally referred to as rouge, is as popular today as it was when it first appeared in ancient Egypt. Back then it was made using natural ingredients like red ochre, strawberries or other fruits and vegetable juices. Although it was coveted by many, only the elite could adorn their faces with rosy hues. Those who couldn't afford it would pinch their cheeks as an alternative (ouch).

Since then, blush has made significant strides in terms of composition and accessibility. But pulling off that healthy, sun-kissed glow can sometimes be tricky. First, says Fedosoff, you need to find the perfect shade of blush for your skin tone. She tells us that porcelain skin pairs best with peach blushes while fair skin looks dazzling in pale pinks. Medium or tanned skin glows in amber blushes while fuchsia flatters medium dark skin tones. If your skin tone is darker, you're cheeks will look radiant in tangerine hues.

Once you've scored your perfect shade, you need to apply it based on the shape of your face. "Proper application helps to emphasize the shape and contour of your face which assists in making you look your very best," says Fedosoff. "A lot of emphasis is directed at the apple of the cheek, for that fresh and flushed look. But do keep in mind this look is not for everyone's face shape."

Her most important tip so far?

"Don't forget to blend. This is essential for a flawless application. Remember blush is not just for the cheeks. Blend in the excess on your brush to your temples and lids which will bring your look all together," says Fedosoff.

Fedosoff's all-time favourite blushes include FACE Atelier Ultra Blush (a staple in her makeup kit), NARS blushes and CARGO BeachBlush.

So go ahead, get those cheeks ready and make 'em blush!

Click through our slideshow for Fedosoff's tips on how to apply blush for your unique face shape.

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  • Oval Faces

    If you have an oval face, you're in good shape. Just add blush to the apples of your cheeks, instructs <a href="http://www.victoriafedosoff.com/">Toronto makeup artist, Victoria Fedosoff</a>.

  • Square Faces

    For square faces apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and along the cheekbone until you reach your ear. <a href="http://www.victoriafedosoff.com/">Fedosoff</a> says this will make your face appear shorter.

  • Round Faces

    If you have a round face <a href="http://www.victoriafedosoff.com/">Fedosoff</a> cautions against adding blush to the apples of your cheeks — they will only make your face appear fuller. "Slightly contour and blend upwards to give the appearance of cheekbones and a more defined overall appearance," says <a href="http://www.victoriafedosoff.com/">Fedosoff</a>.

  • Heart-Shaped Faces

    People with heart-shaped faces should should spread blush upwards on cheekbones and into the hairline above the ears. Like round faces, they should also avoid putting blush on the apples of their cheeks, says <a href="http://www.victoriafedosoff.com/">Fedosoff</a>.

Watch the video to learn how to choose the right blush.