01/26/2013 09:18 EST | Updated 03/28/2013 05:12 EDT

Missing man search to expand beyond Surrey

Family and friends were out searching Surrey, B.C., Saturday for Kevin Fry, who hasn’t been seen since New Years' Day — and is now the second person in his family to suddenly disappear.

Fry, 20, left home about 8 a.m., setting out on his skateboard and believed to be headed to his boss’s house about one kilometre away to pick up a paycheque, but he never arrived.

"He has a lot of friends. A lot of people want to help him," said friend Alex Iredal-Cooley.

More than 50 people signed up for the search Saturday.

“We'll find him, we've got hope,” said friend Derek Stone.

Fry’s mother, Tracey Fry, said Kevin has never been in trouble, has no mental health or addiction issues, and would never leave his family wondering where he had gone.

Fry’s disappearance is a chilling reminder of his father, Glenn Fry, who also went missing in February 2000. He has never been located.

Kevin’s sudden absence has devastated and confused the family, his mother said.

“The kids made a pact that they would never do this to each other,” she said.

Search co-ordinator Sara Pickering said that because they knew the man's expected route, that was a reasonable place to start.

“We expect he would have taken one these roads, so we are going door to door to see if anyone saw him,” Pickering said.

Searchers went door to door and also combed wooded areas and put up posters on almost every available pole.

“He didn’t just run away, no way,” said family friend Elaine Brooks. “He didn’t just vanish, someone knows something.”

Another search has been organized for Sunday in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

“I'd love to grab him and hug him and just want to know he's okay,” said his mother.