Vancouver pedestrians found themselves in some surprise spotlights over the weekend as part of an international art project, and what they did in the limelight was at turns fun, sweet and surprising.

Limelight: Saturday Night started in Glasgow as an idea by British artist Tristan Surtees, and French architect Charles Blanc in 2010. The street art experiment has appeared in 10 cities around the world, and has given organizers interesting insight into how different citizens behave.

The Marpole Business Improvement Association and Emily Carr University for Art + Design brought the project to Vancouver on Saturday night. Two spotlights were set up on Granville Street near 68th Avenue, as well as in the 700 block of West Hastings and Granville.

Photos shared on Twitter using the hashtag #LSNVancouver showed people doing the tango, posing for photos and kissing. One woman just laid on the ground, while some kids played in the spotlight.

Surtees told the Vancouver Sun that in Botswana, people were very reserved, while in Scotland, men were doing pushups to impress each other.

Check out what Vancouverites did in the limelight:

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  • Cameron Cartiere

    The <a href="">Limelight street art project</a> set up spotlights on Vancouver streets to see what pedestrians would do. "Kiss kiss in the #LSNvancouver. Love is in the air #Marpole @chARTmarpole #Vancouver"

  • Cameron Cartiere ‏

    "Posing in the #LSNvancouver in @marpolevillage on a Saturday night."

  • chART

    "Lets tango in the #Limelight! #LSNvancouver @VIAwesome @downtownvan @c_cartiere @sans_facon"

  • chART

    "Lets dance under the #Limelight! #LSNvancouver! @c_cartiere @VIAwesome @downtownvan @sans_facon"

  • Downtown Vancouver

    "Sarah's last dance. Her 15 minutes of fame at #limelight. #lsnvancouver."

  • Live Vancouver

    "@MarpoleVillage #lsnvancouver If a spotlight shines and there's no one there to perform or see it..."

  • Laruen Burrows

    "Good times! #LSNvancouver @chARTmarpole"

  • Cameron Cartiere

    "The 1st #LSNvancouver is on downtown. Active Fri & Sat nite via @chARTmarpole"

  • Claudia Laroye

    "A beautiful night to shine. Step into the Limelight in #Marpole and in @downtownvan. #LSNvancouver"

  • chART

    "It's a party at #LSNvancouver!!! @c_cartiere @sans_facon @VIAwesome @downtownvan"

  • Soulkitchen

    So the #LSNVancouver did happen. all dark at 9 last night. how dd we perform?

  • Adam Stenhouse

    "The spot light is shining #LSNvancouver @ Granville Street"

  • chART

    "Meet a loved one under the #Limelight #LSNvancouver @VIAwesome @downtownvan @sans_facon"

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