Last year, approximately 111.3 million U.S. viewers made the Super Bowl the most watched program in television history, and this year's match-up of the Ravens vs. the 49ers promises to bring out (or should we say, shut in?) an equally impressive number of devout fans.

And we almost guarantee that, along with a slew of beverages, the usual snacks — chips, dips, pizza and buffalo wings — will also be making an appearance. After all, the Super Bowl is the second-largest food consumption holiday of the year. So on Feb. 3, whether you're cheering with a few friends or a large group, this week's How To video — a football stadium "snack-down" — promises to score a touchdown your guests will never forget.

Along with the snack items suggested, like guacamole, sausages and cheese, the only special equipment you'll need are things you probably already have on hand, like heavy-duty aluminum foil, a large baking pan and a few pastry tools. Depending on your favourite team, you can also get more creative with the cuisine (lake trout sandwich from Baltimore, anyone?). And of course, there is some leeway when it comes to ingredients, because your guests' palates and preferences are the most important thing to consider.

Super Bowl tends to allow fans and foodies alike to get creative with their dishes — like say, putting together football stadiums made mostly out of out of meat or a 47-Layer Dip that will test even the hardiest of digestive systems. Last but not least, there's always the craziest Super Bowl food concoctions that could be worth an attempt.

LOOK:'s Charles Platkin, PhD, MPH, did some research on which football-based activities will burn off calories consumed during the game.

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  • Devilled Egg

    ONE DEVILLED EGG = 12 MINUTES OF CHEERLEADING<br>Ever try doing one of those cheerleading routines? Deviled eggs are made with mayo, which is very high in calories.<br><strong>Fit Tip</strong>: Use low-fat mayo, or how about just hard-boiled eggs with hot sauce?

  • Nachos

    CHILI CHEESE NACHOS = 159 MINUTES OF PLAYING PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL<br>That's nonstop time.<br><b>Fit Tip</b>: Make your own nachos with low-fat cheese and black beans. Use salsa and make your own whole-wheat pita chips and you'll be even better off.

  • Tortilla Chips And 7-Layer Dip

    TORTILLA CHIPS WITH 7-LAYER DIP = 110 MINUTES CLEANING THE STADIUM AFTER THE GAME<br>Each chip can have 20 calories and 1 tablespoon of the seven-layer dip is approximately 70 calories.<br><b>Fit Tip</b>: The answer is salsa -- it's very low in calories. And pick baked, low-calorie chips at about 120 calories per ounce. If you're eating the chips, have one at a time, and don't put out huge bowls of them. Make sure you have to get up each time you want more than six chips.

  • Sugar Cream Pie

    ONE SLICE OF SUGAR CREAM PIE = 58 MINUTES OF CLIMBING THE STADIUM STAIRS<br>It's been said that this is the unofficial state pie of Indianapolis (where the Super Bowl is being held this year). The name says it all. "Sugar cream pie" is made with sugar, flour, whipping cream, milk and butter in a pie shell.<br><b>Fit Tip</b>: Go to <a href="" target="_hplink"></a> or <a href="" target="_hplink"></a> and put healthy cream pie in the search box.

  • Peanut

    JUST ONE PEANUT = COACHING FOOTBALL FOR A LITTLE OVER A MINUTE<br>One peanut has about 5.5 calories. A handful, or about one ounce (30 peanuts), is 166 calories.<br><b>Fit Tip</b>: Nuts are healthy, but they're very high in calories. Don't keep a huge bowl in front of you. And try to eat one at a time; don't shove a handful in your mouth all at once.

  • Lay's Chips And Dip

    TEN LAY'S CLASSIC POTATO CHIPS WITH KRAFT FRENCH ONION DIP = 134 MINUTES DANCING TO MADONNA DURING THE HALFTIME SHOW<br>Dancing is actually great exercise (if you don't get nauseous from all the food you've eaten already). Each chip is 10.5 calories, and every dip of dip is 60 calories.<br><b>Fit Tip</b>: Try Popchips, and make your dip with low-fat mayo or non-fat yogurt.

  • Buffalo Wing And Blue Cheese

    ONE CRISPY BONE-IN WING WITH BLUE CHEESE DRESSING = FACE PAINTING 8 WILD FANS<br>You ever see some of the fans who get their faces painted? Traditional wings are deep fried, not to mention the super high-calorie ranch or blue cheese dressing.<br><b>Fit Tip</b>: You can easily make the wings yourself. Remove the skin (it saves lots of calories), soak them in hot sauce or roll them in egg whites, dip them in bread crumbs and bake them in the oven. Skip the blue cheese dressing, which has about 305 calories for 4 tablespoons. Dip them in hot sauce instead.

  • Budweiser Beer

    SIX BOTTLES OF BUDWEISER BEER = DOING "THE WAVE" 4,280 TIMES<br>Beer and football just go together, but keep in mind, each beer is 145 calories.<br><b>Fit Tip</b>: Planning on having a few bottles? Try Beck's Premier Light at only 64 calories per 12-ounce bottle, or MGD Light, 64 calories, Michelob Ultra or Natural Light at 95, or you can go very low with Budweiser Select for 55. Best bet is to sample a few light beers before the game to see which ones you prefer.

  • Macaroni And Cheese Balls

    THREE FRIED MAC AND CHEESE BALLS = RUNNING 249 FOOTBALL FIELDS<br>At more than 500 calories per ball, made with peanut oil, egg, cheese, butter, flour, macaroni, milk and more, what do you expect?<br><b>Fit Tip</b>: Try baking, adding veggies and using whole-wheat pasta and low-fat cheese.

  • Bacon Cheddar Jalapeno Popper

    ONE BACON CHEDDAR JALAPENO POPPER = 60 MINUTES PERFORMING IN A MARCHING BAND<br>Those poppers are made with cream cheese, bacon and Cheddar cheese -- each one will cost you a bit of marching.<br><b>Fit Tip</b>: Use turkey bacon, low-fat cream cheese and Cheddar cheese. Bake, don't fry.

  • Pigs In A Blanket

    THREE PIGS IN BLANKETS = PLAYING CATCH WITH A FOOTBALL FOR 68 MINUTES (NONSTOP)<br>Hot dogs wrapped in a crescent or biscuit dough adds up: Each one you pop in your mouth is 66 calories.<br><b>Fit Tip</b>: Low calorie franks (fat free), with low-fat crescent dough.

  • Super Stacked Sub

    SUPER STACKED SUB = 313 MINUTES OF CHANTING, POINTING AND WAVING A FOAM-HAND NUMBER ONE<br>A calorically laden sub can include slow-cured ham, salami, cappacola, prosciuttini and provolone.<br><b>Fit Tip</b>: Go for low-fat cheese and skip the mayo. Try a low-cal combination of ham, oven-roasted turkey and roast beef at around 330 calories for a 6-inch sub.

  • Meat Lover's Pizza

    THREE SLICES OF PIZZA HUT MEAT LOVER'S PIZZA = 1,229 MINUTES OF TEBOWING<br>That's more than 20 hours of continuous praying to burn off those calories. Each slice is loaded with high-calorie meats, including pepperoni, ham, beef, bacon and sausage.<br><b>Fit Tip</b>: Try cheeseless pizza with plenty of veggies -- broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms or even artichoke hearts -- on top. Also, avoid personal pan and stuffed-crust pizzas: The thick, oily crust equals added fat and calories.

  • KFC Extra Crispy Chicken

    ONE KFC EXTRA CRISPY CHICKEN BREAST AND ONE EXTRA CRISPY DRUMSTICK = 203 TOUCHDOWN DANCES IN THE END ZONE<br>That's a lot of dancing!! Deep-fried chicken is very high in calories, especially the extra crispy kind.<br><b>Fit Tip</b>: Bake skinless chicken and use whole-grain bread crumbs.