01/30/2013 05:24 EST | Updated 04/01/2013 05:12 EDT

Misdirected medical faxes go to autobody shop

An autobody shop in northern B.C. has been the recipient of some confidential faxes that have nothing to do with cars.

Over the past three years, ARP Collision, in Houston, has received several faxes containing patient medical information. The latest document showed up yesterday, according to owner John Van Veldhuizen.

Van Veldhuizen says the faxes describe the patients' conditions in detail, such as a child's broken arm, or the prognosis of someone with cancer, and he finds the situation disturbing.

"[It's] kind of creepy, because I don't want to see other people's personal information there. A lot of it was very personal...getting into their condition. Not a very good feeling when you get something like that in your fax machine."

He believes various clinics, doctors' offices and hospitals are misdialing the number for the Houston Health Centre, which has a number very similar number to his own.

Van Veldhuizen says he's contacted Northern Health about the privacy breach, but the faxes continue to arrive.

A spokesperson for the health authority says it is not responsible for sending the faxes, but has followed up each incident senders and let the patients know their information was sent to the wrong phone number.