02/02/2013 05:38 EST | Updated 04/04/2013 05:12 EDT

Kootenay town seeks financial intervention

The town council of Rossland, B.C., has called in B.C.'s Auditor General for local government amidst controversy over questionable contracts.

Allegations have been rife after two city officials resigned, leaving behind a financial mess.

Some residents of the Kootenay community thought the police should be called in.

Instead, councillor Kathy Moore brought forward a motion to bring in B.C.'s newly created Auditor General for local government. The motion passed.

“We've kind of gotten outside the norm of good governance and I think we need an outside opinion on how we can do better,” Moore said.

Moore says if the Auditor General accepts the assignment it won't be a witch hunt, but an examination of what is going on at city hall.

“My understanding of the auditor general for local government is that [that] is her role — helping local government do better. Improve things.”