You've never seen Vancouver's crossroads like this.

Seven Vancouver-based graphic designers have created illustrations for "Intersections," a project that aims to celebrate the "unique attributes of different Vancouver neighbourhoods."

The designs have been on display since Friday in the Platform Gallery, located in the Canada Line's Waterfront station.

"We created an opportunity to acknowledge the humble street intersection as a space that plays an integral role in Vancouver," Ross Milne, the Platform Gallery's managing director, said in the news release.

"Some of the intersections are infamous, some overlooked, but are epicentres of vital communities, suggesting radically different attitudes and geographies."

10Four Design illustrated Broadway and Granville, a busy Vancouver intersection that functions as a hub for six major bus routes -- depicted in the design by the grid of transit cables that hang over the streets.

State Creative Group's "Denman and Davie" design, meanwhile, evokes the area's palm trees, ocean and sand, with fonts inspired by the lettering in West End apartment buildings.

Check out the different ways that graphic designers envision Vancouver's intersections:

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  • Denman and Davie

  • Broadway and Granville

  • 4th and Vine

  • Kingsway and Fraser

  • Main and Hastings

  • SE Marine Drive and Knight Street

  • Water Street and Carrall Street

1) Denman and Davie, State Creative Group

2) Broadway and Granville, 10Four Design

3) 4th and Vine, Post Projects

4) Kingsway and Fraser, Zach Bulick

5) Main and Hastings, Glasfurd and Walker

6) SE Marine and Knight, Working Format

7) Water and Carrall, Setareh Shamdani

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