Valentine's Day, that dreaded day of romantic splendour beckons, which means it's time to put 10 minutes of thought into making a restaurant reservation. And soon.

In Vancouver, the dining options are diverse and plentiful. Here are some restaurant ideas that work well with all sorts of budget types. For those who believe money is no object, try Gastown's gorgeous L'Abattoir.

For couples who scoff at the day's tacky commercialization, perhaps it's time to try Grub on Main Street. Its limited seating and fun, colourful wallpaper melt away any repressed kitschy Valentine's Day pressures.

Of course, being the city that touts sustainability and healthy living, restaurants that offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are plentiful. If your duo dines veggie, check out The Acorn in Riley Park for beautifully plated dishes and delicious cocktails.

Yaletown's Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar is a terrific option for urban professionals courting well-groomed dates.

Unimpressed with the day's romantic pressures? For something less conventional, make a games table reservation at the Storm Crow Tavern in the city's funky Commercial Drive neighbourhood. A game of Risk, a few pitchers of beer and steady supply cocktails with friends — what's a better way to spend time with those you love?

Check out our list of notable Valentine's Day restaurants in Vancouver:

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  • Best Romantic Go-To

    <strong>Chambar</strong> 562 Beatty St. Vancouver, BC (604) 879-7119 Reservations: Yes

  • Best View Of False Creek

    <strong>Dockside Seafood Restaurant </strong> 1253 Johnston St. Vancouver, BC (604) 685-7070 Reservations: Yes

  • Best Place For Sustainability-Minded Foodies

    <strong>Fable</strong> 1944 W 4th Ave Vancouver, BC (604) 732-1322 Reservations: Yes

  • Best Place For Live Music And Dancing

    <strong>Federico's Supper Club </strong> 1728 Commercial Dr. Vancouver, BC (604) 251-3473 Reservations: Yes

  • Best Fancy Japanese Tapas

    <strong>Hapa Izakaya</strong> <em><strong>Multiple locations</strong></em> 1479 Robson St. Vancouver, BC (604) 689-4272 1516 Yew St. Vancouver, BC (604) 738-4272 1193 Hamilton St. Vancouver, BC (604) 681-4272 909 West Cordova St. Vancouver, BC (604) 420-4272 Reservations: Yes

  • Best No-Pressure Date

    <strong>Kadoya Japanese Restaurant</strong> 1063 Davie St. Vancouver, BC (604) 608-1115 Reservations: Yes

  • Best Northern Italian

    <strong>La Quercia</strong> 3689 W 4th Ave Vancouver, BC (604) 676-1007 Reservations: Yes

  • Best Deep-Pocket Dining

    <strong>L'Abattoir</strong> 217 Carrall St. Vancouver, BC (604) 568-1701 Reservations: Yes

  • Best Casual French Dining, Affordable

    <strong>Les Faux Bourgeois</strong> 663 E 15th Ave Vancouver, BC V5T 2R6 (604) 873-9733 Reservations: Yes

  • Best Homey Italian Hidden Gem

    <strong>Lupo</strong> 869 Hamilton St. Vancouver, BC (604) 569-2535 Reservations: Yes

  • Best Place To Impress Fancy Dates

    <strong>Market By Jean-Georges</strong> 1115 Alberni St. Vancouver, BC (604) 695-1115 Reservations: Yes

  • Best Budget Option

    <strong>Milestones Grill + Bar </strong> 2425 Cambie St. Vancouver, BC (604) 678-8488 Reservations: Yes

  • Best Yaletown Seafood

    <strong>Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar</strong> 1095 Hamilton St. Vancouver, BC (604) 688-8078 Reservations: Yes

  • Best I-Don't-Give-A-F@&k For Valentine's

    <strong>The Cambie Bar & Grill</strong> 300 Cambie St. Vancouver, BC (604) 684-6466 Reservations: No <em>Good for groups</em>

  • Best Place To Play Risk, Drink Beer With Friends

    <strong>The Storm Crow Tavern</strong> 1305 Commercial Drive Vancouver, BC (604) 566-9669 Reservations: Yes (Games Table) <em>Good for groups</em>

  • Best Fun Japanese Izakaya That Isn't Guu

    <strong>Suika</strong> 1626 West Broadway Vancouver, BC (604) 730-1678 Reservations: Yes

  • Best Dining For Vegetarian/Vegan Lovers

    <strong>The Acorn</strong> 3995 Main St. Vancouver, BC (604) 566-9001 Reservations: Yes

  • Best Way To Get Excited About Kitsilano Again

    <strong>The Oakwood Canadian Bistro</strong> 2741 West 4th Ave Vancouver, BC (604) 558-1965 Reservations: Yes

  • Best Adorably, Delicious Hot Spot

    <strong>Grub</strong> 4328 Main St. Vancouver, BC (604) 876-8671 Reservations: Yes

  • Best Place For West Coast Tacos

    <strong>Tacofino Commissary</strong> 2327 E Hastings St. Vancouver, BC V5L (778) 870-6436 Reservations: No

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