02/05/2013 05:38 EST | Updated 04/07/2013 05:12 EDT

GO to experiment with quiet zones

GO Transit is going to try an experiment over the next three months: designating some areas of its trains as quiet zones.

Olivia Walters takes the GO train a few times a week between Pickering and Toronto.

“Sometimes it'll be rowdy,” she said, “like a lot of people talking on their phones. They're very loud."

For some the noise can make the journey unpleasant.

“I hate it,” said Angela Robertson. “It makes commuting more stressful, whether it's people talking on the phone or earphones blaring."

So starting next week GO will try a three-month pilot project.

Certain trains will have quiet zones. The upper level of the car will be reserved for passengers whose phones are on silent, computers are muted and lips are sealed.

“We decided to survey [passengers] and we found out that more than 75 per cent of our passengers would support a quiet zone,” said GO Transit’s Mary Proc.

It will be a small experiment: staring Feb. 11 quiet zones will be introduced on trips between Toronto and barrie.

But if the reaction is positive the new rules will be expanded to all routes.

"I think it's a great idea,” said commuter Don Jarron. “It's nice to be away from our electronic devices for 30 minutes."

But there won't be any transit workers coming around to shush rowdy riders GO says it will be relying on other passengers to remind fellow commuters of the new rules.

There's one other change coming to GO Transit.

To mark Car pool Week Metrolinx has created new parking areas designated for carpoolers at train stations in Oshawa, Rouge Hill and Mimico.

Commuters can get a free car pool parking permit by registering.