It's not us, it's you... or more specifically, your hygiene.

Many of Canadians' biggest turn-offs in the bedroom are related to cleanliness, according to an extensive survey developed by Playtex in time for Valentine's Day. The report, which surveyed 1,003 sexually-active adults between the ages of 18 and 49, listed problems such as perspiration and poor grooming as major turn-offs, along with other issues like selfishness, or habits like baby talk. It also said 73 per cent of Canadians were satisfied with their sex lives (although only 28 per cent said they were "very satisfied").

That's not to say great sex is all about grooming; Canadians revealed other factors that would lead to more satisfaction between the sheets included better physique, spontaneity and romance, the report said.

So what else turns your partner off? Find out in the slideshow below.

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  • Source: <a href="">Playtex Fresh + Sexy Report</a>

  • 10. Dirty Talk

    Five per cent of those surveyed found dirty talk a no-no in the bedroom.

  • 9. Being Too Loud Or Vocal

    Not much of a screamer? Nine per cent of those surveyed didn't like the noise in the bedroom.

  • 8. Perspiration

    Sex scenes may look great in the movies when they're steamy, but in reality, 15 per cent of people want nothing to do with your sweat.

  • 7. Lack Of Confidence

    This one is tough to deal with in any situation, but in the bedroom, for 20 per cent of people, a lack of confidence is a no-go.

  • 6. Acting Selfish

    It's all about me! But for 26 per cent of those surveyed, it must be all about us.

  • 5. Baby Talk

    What, baby doesn't want to have an itty bitty tickle session because getting down to business? Not for 27 per cent of people, they don't!

  • 4. Poorly Groomed Private Parts

    That's right — all that talk we hear about waxing really does make a difference for 35 per cent of people. Mind you, the survey didn't specify whether this response came mostly from men or women, so that's still up in the air.

  • 3. Not Feeling Fresh Or Clean

    We'll assume this means the <i>other</i> person kind of stinks, which yes, is a pretty big turn-off — at least, for 35 per cent of those surveyed.

  • 2. Bad Breath

    There's not much grosser than kissing someone who can't be bothered to brush their teeth before getting busy, say 58 per cent of people.

  • 1. Bad Body Odours

    And finally, it's pretty much impossible to have sex with someone while holding your breath — at least for 63 per cent of people — so if you haven't yet invested in good deodorant, now might be the time to start.

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