02/08/2013 08:00 EST | Updated 04/10/2013 05:12 EDT

Toronto FC by the numbers: The 411 of TFC's jersey numbers

ORLANDO, Fla. - What's your number? The 411 of some Toronto FC jersey numbers:

Defender Danny Califf, No. 3: "This is the first time, actually (for No. 3). I've worn (No.) 23 and then 4 and then back to 23 and now 3. No real significance, it was just the lowest number they had ... If I would have had a choice between 4 and 23, then I probably would have chosen those ... I'm not superstitious, it probably means more to my kids than it really does to me ... I was 23 when I played for Los Angeles, and then was 4 for San Jose, 4 in Denmark, 4 in Philly. When I went back to L.A., I got 23 back again ... There wasn't really a whole big thought process to the whole thing, I'm not going to pay anybody off for a number. Three's a defender's number and I'm a defender and it seemed logical."

Defender Doneil Henry, No. 4: "Coming into the (Toronto FC) Academy, I was a trialist and my coach was Stuart Neely. When I got my first jersey, it was No. 44. And what's funny was I was his captain and he was aged 44, so I found that ironic — I'd say my favourite coach of all time, aged 44 and I got No. 44. And when I got to the first team, I got No 28 which I wasn't happy with. A year later, No. 4 was open and if I couldn't get No. 4, I'd go No. 44. No. 4 is my favourite because my favourite soccer player (Real Madrid defender) Sergio Ramos wears it ... I just don't like (No. 28). No one wears it. It's not a cool defender number ... (On a possible switch with Califf) I don't think it's happening, I hope not. Danny's a cool guy but I have No. 4 right now and I'm trying to keeping it."

Striker Danny Koevermans, No. 14: "Because it was available when I came here. I had a book in front of me with all the numbers. And then I saw some numbers available, and one of them was No. 14. With my former teams I had No. 9, No. 10 and No. 19. So a different number for me, No. 14 ... Every club has a different number, so Toronto is No. 14."

Goalkeeper Stefan Frei, No. 24: "When I was little I started with (No.) 1. That's a traditional goalkeeper number. But I think it came from my brother. My brother's favourite number was 16, which was (also) mine. But it was taken so I went with 24 and I stuck with that ... I think if you would ask some of the guys, I might be a bit obsessed with my number, yeah. If we do sets in the weight room, it's got to be three times eight, things like that, two times 12. It's always got to add up to 24. It's not like I think the number's going to make me play good or not but it kind of has been with me for my whole career so I kind of treat it as something special."

Defender Darren O'Dea, No. 48: "When I first was a schoolboy, I got signed at (Glasgow) Celtic. And the head of youth there, Tommy Burns, he's a legend at the club — he played 500-odd times. He signed me at Celtic and it just happened that as I progressed through the youth teams into the first team, he became first-team coach. So he was kind of my mentor, if you like. I moved away from home (in Ireland) when I was 15, 16 and he was like a father to me as well. He passed away sadly a few years ago. In a first-team competitive game — I've never worn a different number. He's with me all the time and its something I hold quite close to me."